A Meeting With… Martin Luther King Jr.

The third Monday of January is known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day). In 2022, it was on January 17th. Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his non-violent activism against racial discrimination in the 1960s.

Meet… Oprah Winfrey

The series Meet… allows teachers to take a break to introduce certain personalities to their students. Today, we are interested in an exceptional woman, Oprah Winfrey, and her particular interview technique.

The Super Bowl: beyond sport

The 56th Super Bowl is coming soon! Over 110 million Americans won't miss this game for the world. Here are some ideas for activities on the subject to do with your students in arts - French and maths! Compare quarterbacks, gauge interest in this high mass of sport, produce an infographic or a trailer to present your analysis of the results... and more! Details in this guide!

Meet… Martin Luther King Jr.

January 17 is Martin Luther King Day. From his full name Martin Luther King Jr, the man is known for his fight for the civil rights of African-American people in the 1960s.

Mass tourism: when there are "too" many tourists ...

The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand have suffered significant environmental impacts due to mass tourism. The famous Maya Bay, immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Beach and forced to close in 2018 to avoid an ecological disaster, must reopen on January 1 ... The archipelago has been healing its wounds since the start of the pandemic and the authorities are promising to invent another development model. Here are activities that will introduce students to the concept of mass tourism and its consequences.

Ideas for activities as the holiday season approaches

The holiday season is just around the corner! Here are several ideas for activities to do in class! We create a Christmas quiz, we discover holiday traditions around the world, we write to Santa Claus to ask him for a book, we share traditional recipes and we enter the madness of the elves!

A new football helmet in the NFL: a Quebec creation!

At the invitation of the NFL (National Football League), a group of Quebec engineers created a helmet that absorbs the energy of the blows to redistribute it. Let's take this news to learn more about the history and culture surrounding American football, discuss the science of injury prevention in sports, and discover other inventions from home!

From Facebook to Meta

In the following activities, we learn about Mark Zuckerberg and imagine the back cover of his biography. And since we're talking about applications that are used by young and old people alike, we look at the app design process while keeping in mind the importance of an inclusive design.

Black Friday or No Purchase Day?

In the following activities, we learn about the origin of “Black Friday” and No Buy Day, compare the two ethically and create a crazy math review quiz. crazy!

From Facebook to Meta

In the following activities, we learn about Mark Zuckerberg and invent a back cover of his biography. And while talking about applications appreciated by young and old, we are interested in the application design process keeping in mind the importance of the notion of inclusion in design.