Am I a creative person?

The creative laboratories that I set up in my classroom are special moments for my students where collaboration and creativity are valued. So I asked myself the question: am I a creative person?

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By Kevin Pye, Saint-Benoît School

I always thought that the creative person was the one who stood out in the visual arts. I think I completed my arts course with an average of 60%. Whenever I finished a clay drawing or sculpture, the teacher would take my creation, turn it left and right, look underneath, and give me a grade of 60%. I even remember that at one point I took a ball of clay that I shaped for a few minutes and then gave it to the art teacher and got, again, 60%… absurd, but true !

In my class, I was looking for a concept that would allow me to arouse the interest of my students. I wanted to create a moment in the day where we would put aside learning difficulties and everyone would find themselves at the same level.

This is how for two years I have been setting up creative laboratories in my class (@crealabos). This is a special moment for my students where collaboration and creativity are valued. The impact was felt from the start. Students are responsible for this time of day; they can create and produce whatever is bubbling in their heads: models, oral presentations, diagrams… anything is possible! To date in my class, we have experienced a fencing fight between a student and me, judo demonstrations, the construction of a table football game and so on. Lately, this interest in creativity and collaboration has allowed me to ask myself a question: am i a creative person?

I am attempting to answer this question here.

I started to research what is being done in connection with creativity in our schools and I was completely stunned by everything I found. Quickly, I realized that creativity is THE skill of the 21e century. Creativity is defined as the ability to find an original solution to a given problem. WHOOPS! We are moving away from what I thought. Einstein describes creativity as the brain having fun. WHOOPS! I go a little further away. More and more people are in favor of creativity and collaboration. We are in the digital age. Knowledge is at our fingertips. We want our students to be able to work together to solve the problems they will face and find the information they need to get there. 

Invitation to CréaCamp Montreal from 1er November

I invite you to join me during the CréaCamp from November 1st in order to demystify creativity in our schools. During this day, I will share with you the journeys I have faced in setting up my creative laboratories and you will understand why I have no regrets. I will also explain to you how I was able to implement the Universal Design of Learning (UCL) in my creative labs. I am convinced to give you the shot so that you in turn develop creative laboratories in your image and which meet the needs of your students. I expect you there.

Oh yes! I forgot! Am I a creative person?

I was able to establish a special moment in my classroom. I managed to develop creativity and collaboration between my students. To create something new and without any source of funding. A concept that is generating more and more interest on Twitter networks. So, am I a creative person? Of course it does, and we all are in our own way!

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