Quebec Public Education Summit

(Press release) The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) presented the program for the Summit on Public Education in Quebec, which will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2012 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

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(Press release) The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) presented the programming of the Summit on Public Education in Quebec, to be held on May 31 and 1er June 2012 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

For the occasion, the president of the FCSQ, Josée Bouchard, was in the company of the two co-presidents of the Summit, Paul Gérin-Lajoie and Léa Clermont-Dion.

Paul Gérin-Lajoie and Léa Clermont-Dion, complementary co-chairs

“What a long way we have come since I was the first holder of the Ministry of Education in the 1960s! Let us recall that the public education system was set up so that all children can attend school and that they benefit from the same quality educational services, regardless of their place of residence and the social conditions of their family ”, said Paul Gérin-Lajoie. "The education I received in public school allowed me to become a more open person and enriched by a heterogeneity of individuals from various socioeconomic realities," said Léa Clermont-Dion, graduate. of the Rivière-du-Nord School Board, Personality La Presse / Radio-Canada, Personality par excellence 2011 of Forces Avenir and co-initiator of the Quebec Charter for a healthy and diversified body image. “I am very happy that they accepted our invitation, because they represent both the foundation of our public education system and its future,” added FCSQ President Josée Bouchard.

Information, mobilization and promotion tour of the public education system

Our Quebec Public Education Summit is the culmination of a regional tour during which the Federation met more than 1,500 school board partners from the economic, municipal, health and social sectors as well as union representatives and parents. By mid-April, the FCSQ will have participated in some twenty meetings across Quebec to gather the opinions, concerns and recommendations of school board partners on improving the public education system.

“These meetings took place in a spirit of collaboration and openness, just like the Summit will be. All these partners and their national representatives are therefore invited to the Summit to reflect and express themselves on the issues of the public education system identified during the regional tour ”, specified the President of the FCSQ.

Thematic conferences

The themes and speakers selected are as follows: academic perseverance and collective commitment with the co-founder of CRÉPAS, Michel Perron and L. Jacques Ménard, president of the Action Group on academic perseverance and success, training adequacy -employment with Jean-Luc Trahan, president of the Labor Market Partners Commission and Suzanne Proulx of the Metallurgy Workforce Sector Committee, Efficiency and Performance in a Changing World with Réal Jacob, Professor incumbent at HEC Montréal and the vision of young people, with Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, president of Génération d'idées. The presidents of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Education, the Fédération des committees de parents du Québec and the Centrale des unions du Québec and the president of Solidarité régionale du Québec will also deliver speeches, as will people involved with young people such as the Dr Gilles Julien, Daniel Germain from the Breakfast Club and Pierre Lavoie. In addition, the Summit will conclude with a declaration in favor of public education.

The main objective of this historic event is to identify courses of action to enhance the public education system and, above all, improve it for the benefit of student success. Moreover, the students will be present in several ways at the Summit: as part of the gala of Prize of excellence which covers this year Culture at the heart of public schools, on the occasion of artistic performances and they will also form a panel which will be invited to react to the proposals of the participants.

The Summit will also be an opportunity to make public the progress of the work on the implementation of the action plan. For a renewal of school boards, put forward by the FCSQ this fall.

“We therefore believe that this is an unmissable event for all those who consider education a priority and who have the success of students and the future of Quebec society at heart,” concluded Josée Bouchard.

The Federation of Quebec School Boards brings together the 60 French-language school boards in Quebec as well as the Commission scolaire du Littoral. School boards are local governments that ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services in elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult education. They also offer efficient and essential services, particularly in terms of human resources and material and financial resources. In addition, school boards are responsible for distributing resources equitably between their establishments and making safe school transportation accessible at all times.

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