Quebec school administration week

It's Quebec School Directors' Week! Here are the press releases received by L'École branchée on the subject.

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It's Quebec School Directors' Week! Here are the press releases received by L'École branchée on the subject.

Québec School Directors' Week - An essential contribution to student success

Québec, Oct. 19, 2015 / CNW Telbec / - The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) is taking advantage of the Quebec school administration week, which takes place from October 19 to 23, to recognize the essential contribution of school administrators to student success and to the continuous improvement of the public education system.

"The educational leadership of school administrators, who work closely with their school team to identify ways of doing things that are beneficial for their environment, is an essential element of mobilization for school perseverance," declared the president of the school. FCSQ, Josée Bouchard.

The FCSQ salutes the work carried out by some 3,000 school board staff who occupy positions of director or assistant director in elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult education.

The Federation of Quebec School Boards brings together the vast majority of French-language school boards in Quebec as well as the Commission scolaire du Littoral. School boards are local governments that ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services at the elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult levels. They also offer efficient and essential services, particularly in terms of human resources and material and financial resources. In addition, school boards are responsible for distributing resources equitably between their establishments and making safe school transportation accessible at all times.


SOURCE Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ)


Of concrete solutions to ensure success of students

BÉCANCOUR, QC, 19 oc. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - The fifth edition of the Week Quebecois of directions school establishment is officially launched today, in Bécancour, as part of a joint conference organized by the Montreal Association of directions school establishment (AMDES), the Association Quebecois of school executives (AQCS), the Association Quebecois Staff of direction of schools (AQPDE) and the Federation Quebecois of directions educational institution (FQDE). "On the eve of the submission of the project of minister's law of Education François Blais aimed at reforming the education system, more of 200 directions school will discuss of concrete solutions to face the issues and challenges they face and to find! of solutions to living together that includes of turn expertise of all network players of education for success of our students ”to announce André Lachapelle, president  of the AQCS.

Decentralization of the catch of decisions is at the heart of requests of directions establishment for several years. " The necessity of decentralize decisions that affect academic success and well-being of students reach a consensus; we must now ensure of put it in place so that decisions can quickly be made locally according to specific needs of environments " of declare Hélène Bourdages, president of AMDES.

This desire of decentralization must be expressed concretely by relying on an important principle: school takes place in a classroom. “Decentralization brings of major advantages by allowing directions, surrounded of their school team, to use the resources according to of needs in the school and not according to a pre-established grid. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each of our students and we want to make the most of their potential. It is of this way we can train citizens of tomorrow who will enrich the Quebec », Added Danielle Boucher, President of AQPDE.

The current context in which the directions and their school team is very complex and the means are often very limited. "Any changes made to the law governing the education system Quebecois will have to offer directions the possibility of ensuring better educational and administrative management of their establishment, regardless of the needs to be satisfied ” of say Lorraine Normand-Charbonneau, president of the FQDE.

The four associations benefit of this week thematic to reaffirm the importance of the pivotal role of the direction establishment and of its functions in the success of students. The changes that the minister of Education will bring this fall into the education system will certainly have to give it more of latitude in exercise of its functions and allow it of carry out the mission of school, or to instruct, of socialize and of qualify the students.

About of associations organizing the conference

The Montreal Association of directions school has 470 members who work for the School Board of Montreal (CSDM) and the School Board of The point-of-the Island (CSPI). All members work there as directions school or of center, directions administrative assistants or managers. The specific aim of AMDES is to study, defend and develop of professional, economic and social interests of its members and of the profession. It works of democratic way and done of its ethical, transparent and fair approach the very foundation of her values.

Association Quebecois of school executives (AQCS) brings together 2,150 managers working within of 72 French and English school boards from Quebec. It brings together, protects, supports, informs and represents the executives of the school network Quebecois. School executives occupy of functions of advice and supervision in the centers of services of school boards, of education centers of adults and of vocational training, as well as in of primary and secondary schools.

Association Quebecois Staff of direction of schools (AQPDE) aims of represent, of to recognize and of defend professional, social, political and economic interests of directions school. It gathers more of 670 directions primary, secondary and of centers of vocational training and education of adults everywhere Quebec.

The FQDE is the main professional body representing more of 2 200 directions educational institution from of 22 regional associations. The mission of the Federation is of promote professional development and excellence in direction of educational institutions at Quebec and of defend rights of directions and directions school assistants.


SOURCE Federation Quebecois of directions educational institution (FQDE)


The directions school: an essential milestone of academic achievement

QUÉBEC, Oct. 19, 2015 / CNW Telbec / - In the beginning of the Week of directions school establishment, the Federation of committees of parents of Quebec (FCPQ) salutes the dedication and involvement of the staff of direction of our schools.

Under the theme "If you knew all that we offer to ensure success of students ”, the 2015 edition aims of value work of these professionals and of recognize the efforts made, day after day, to promote success of students Quebecois. “On the educational level, directions school establishments are involved of the success of our young people and are essential to the development of an appropriate and rewarding environment. They are in the best position to ensure of to respond to needs of media, depending on specificity of these ”, affirmed the president of the FCPQ, Corinne Payne.

On a daily basis, directions school establishment are of partners of foreground that parents can always count on. Evolving in a complex context, these passionate and unifying beings do everything they can to promote success and the development of their full potential. of youth.

For everything they do in the best interest of children, the FCPQ warmly thanks the directions school establishment. “For their daily commitment, we parents show them our gratitude and say a huge thank you! ", Signified Madame Payne.

Profile of the Federation of committees of parents of Quebec (FCPQ)

The FCPQ has, for nearly of 40 years, the committees of parents of school boards of Quebec and supports concerned volunteer parents of parental involvement within of public primary and secondary schools with the aim of ensuring quality of education offered to children.


SOURCE Federation of committees of parents of Quebec (FCPQ)



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