National Suicide Prevention Week - CEGEPs play a decisive role

MONTREAL, Jan. 30, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - The Fédération des cégeps and the Intercollegiate group of psychosocial workers (RIIPSO) are taking advantage of the 23rd National Suicide Prevention Week, […]

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MONTREAL, Jan. 30, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - The Fédération des cégeps and the Regroupement intercollégial des interveners psychos sociales (RIIPSO) are taking advantage of the 23e National Suicide Prevention Week, which will take place from February 3 to 9, 2013, to remind people of the importance of working together to stem this phenomenon and promote the benefits of good mental health. They thus join their voice to that of all the organizations and groups that work daily to eradicate suicide.

“Suicide is a constant concern in CEGEPs since the majority of students who attend them are young adults who are going through a period of significant change marked by uncertainties and questions. This is why colleges occupy a privileged position to prevent suicide and promote mental health and they play a decisive role in this regard by working tirelessly for more than ten years ”affirms Mr. Jean Beauchesne, President and CEO of the Fédération des cégeps. The efforts made by colleges and other actors in society are bearing fruit: the suicide rate in Quebec has been falling since 2002. “The results are there, but the phenomenon of psychological distress and suicide among young people continues. to be present. It is imperative that we continue our efforts not only to identify and catch up with at-risk youth, but also to promote the importance of cultivating healthy mental health, ”continues Mr. Beauchesne.

The Fédération des cégeps and the RIIPSO are taking advantage of National Suicide Prevention Week to salute the exceptional commitment of psychosocial workers and all other college staff members who work daily with young people struggling with difficulties, who help them to break their isolation and to regain the desire to live.

A national awareness campaign

The colleges hold various suicide prevention, awareness and intervention actions throughout the year. On the occasion of National Suicide Prevention Week, and in collaboration with the Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention, colleges will participate in, among other things, a national awareness campaign. The privileged symbol associated with this campaign this year is the clothes pin which represents the human safety net to be built in order to catch up with those at risk and to put them back on life. In parallel, several colleges hold other activities during this thematic week.

About the Fédération des cégeps

The Fédération des cégeps is the voluntary grouping of 48 public colleges in Quebec. It was created in 1969 in order to promote the development of college education and CEGEPs. It acts as the official spokesperson and place of consultation for CEGEPs, to which it offers services in the areas of pedagogy, student affairs, continuing education, financing, human resources, educational evaluation, legal affairs, negotiation and labor relations. The Fédération des cégeps represents the colleges in the negotiation of collective agreements.


The intercollegiate group of psychosocial workers, attached to the Fédération des cégeps, is responsible for supporting psychosocial workers in their practice with college students struggling with psychological and psychosocial difficulties. It brings together some 250 psychologists, psychoeducators, social workers, specialized educators and other field workers working in CEGEPs.


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