Hooked on School Week: press releases

In this Quebec school perseverance week, many organizations are joining together to fight dropping out. Here are the various press releases issued on the subject that have reached us.

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In this Quebec week of school perseverance, many organizations are uniting their voices to fight dropping out. Here are the various press releases issued on the subject that have reached us.

Hooked on School Days is great, but ...

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - Community dropout organizations (OCLD) take advantage of Hooked on School Days to salute the courage and perseverance of the young people they support.

The OCLDs, through their mission, their approach and their direct services to young people who are more vulnerable, marginalized or with atypical backgrounds, support the perseverance of young people every day in order to prevent dropping out. “Throughout the year, the academic support, peer mentoring, dropout prevention and dropout support activities put forward by the OCLDs are characterized precisely by their flexibility and their adaptation to each environment and each young. Firmly established in their communities, they are well aware of the living conditions of young people, their families, their needs, the sources of their difficulties as well as their hidden strengths. " explains Marie-Lyne Brunet, president of the ROCLD and general manager of Je Passe Partout, an OCLD in Hochelaga-Maisonn! euve.

Beyond the promotion and encouragement, in this austere context, we cannot ignore the disengagement and the massive cuts of the State towards education; the lack of prospects and means to reach and support not only young people who graduate before the age of 20, but also those for whom school no longer allows them to develop their full potential.

School cannot do it alone. And yet, community organizations in the fight against dropping out, the main local collaborators with young people and families with regard to academic or educational success, remain one of the sectors the least funded by the government. While it has been shown that education represents a most profitable investment for a society, the cost of dropping out of school does not seem to worry the government of the day. In the coming months, this government will work on drafting a first School perseverance policy. The OCLDs hope to fully contribute to it so that it takes into account the realities of young people and families furthest from school and that no young person is left behind.

5e National meeting: Autonomous community action in the fight against dropping out: a collective wealth!
Young people, parents, community organizations and partners in the field of education and the fight against dropout are invited to continue their actions related to the fight against dropout and school perseverance on May 14 and 15 in Rimouski, as part of the 5th National meeting of OCLDs which will take place under the theme of Autonomous community action in the fight against dropping out: a collective wealth!

The Regroupement des organizations communautaire québécois de Lutte au déshochout (ROCLD) is made up of 58 organizations, spread over 11 regions of Quebec, and reaches nearly 15,000 young people and their parents each year. Its mission is to promote consultation and exchanges between organizations working on the issue of early school leaving, to ensure their representation as a privileged interlocutor with various public and community bodies, and to support them in the consolidation and the development of their activities.


SOURCE Group of Quebec community organizations to fight dropping out (ROCQLD)


Hooked on School Week: Let's give our students a taste for effort and a job well done

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - As part of the 2015 Perseverance Days, the Federation of Private Educational Institutions would like to highlight the efforts made in the private school network by all staff to give students a taste for effort and a job well done.

“Successful schooling requires sustained effort, time and discipline,” explains Jean-Marc St-Jacques, Executive Director of the Federation. Children, from an early age, experience pleasure and pride when they successfully complete a task they had never mastered before. The adults around them must nurture this desire to learn and to surpass themselves that drives them. Above all, they must set an example. All school staff must show sustained commitment and constantly strive to learn and surpass themselves in order for the school to adapt to a changing world. "

For more than two years, the Federation has undertaken a vast project of reflection on the school at 21e century. By drawing inspiration from the best practices in force in Quebec schools and abroad, the Federation seeks in particular to provide more support to teachers and school administrators in their professional development efforts. Another important element of this reflection, the Federation is examining various options to better support students who have to deal with particular challenges, in order to allow them to develop their full potential and obtain their 5-year diploma.e secondary.

“If we give young people challenges that are disconnected from the world in which they operate, the motivation may not be there. The school must constantly renew itself to be relevant. Above all, it must integrate the new knowledge and technologies available so that all students, including those who have to deal with particular challenges, find the path to success, ”concludes Mr. St-Jacques.

About the Federation of Private Educational Institutions
The Federation of Private Educational Institutions is a non-profit organization that brings together 190 independent institutions attended by some 110,000 students spread across Quebec, or about 12 % of the school population in Quebec. The members of the Federation offer services to preschool, elementary and secondary students in the areas of general education and special education.


SOURCE Federation of Private Educational Institutions


Hooked on School Days 2015: we need more entrepreneurship in our schools

The young Montreal Chamber of Commerce pleads for more entrepreneurship in schools for the motivation of students

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - On the occasion of the Journées de la persévérance scolaire, the Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM) proposes an increase in the place given to entrepreneurship in Quebec schools, and more particularly in disadvantaged, in order to further motivate pupils in difficulty. In addition to helping young people to have self-confidence, entrepreneurship in schools can help to increase the number of students who will complete their school career or who will continue to higher education.

The JCCM emphasizes that more and more studies confirm the existence of a link between the level of motivation of students and the presence of entrepreneurial projects in schools. In particular, a study by the Center for Research and Intervention on Academic Success at Université Laval made public in 2010 concludes that entrepreneurial projects seem to have a positive effect on the personal and academic success of students in Quebec.

In addition, the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, as part of its Valoris study, found that teachers themselves perceived entrepreneurship as an effective teaching tool in underprivileged areas. Even if a few projects of this type already exist in Quebec schools, more is needed, believes the JCCM.

“Even if Quebec is recording an increase in the number of students who complete their secondary studies, there are still more than 15 % of young people in Quebec who drop out. Young people who drop out of school and do not obtain a high school or vocational diploma cost the Quebec government nearly 1.9 billion $ per year, whether in taxes or in taxes because of a lower annual income among dropouts. We must use entrepreneurship to motivate our students to stay on the school benches, ”insists Ryan Hillier, president of the JCCM.

The JCCM also notes that the Ministry of Education has set up an optional entrepreneurship awareness program, as have Australia, Belgium, the United States and France. “We have an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by bringing more entrepreneurship to our schools,” adds Hillier. “By doing this, we can have an impact both on the academic perseverance of our next generation and on the development of the Quebec economy. "

Concrete commitments of the JCCM
As part of this week dedicated to school perseverance, the JCCM is mobilizing in various ways, in particular by launching a new basketball tournament in partnership with the organization Pour 3 points. The first edition of the “La JCCM dunk Pour 3 Points” tournament will be held on March 14th.

For several years, the JCCM has also been organizing the Classique des Parrains, a culinary event that brings together the next generation of business people from Montreal and the sponsors of the JCCM. The annual event raises funds that will be donated this year to L'Ancre des Jeunes, an organization that promotes academic perseverance.

Finally, the JCCM also made a commitment, during the Je voir Montréal event, to set up an entrepreneurial summer camp aimed at young people in the metropolis who are having academic difficulties.

About the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal
The Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (JCCM) is a group of young executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers aged 18 to 40. Founded in 1931, it now has nearly 1,600 members, making it one of the largest networks of young business people in North America. It is an essential place for the development of the next generation of businesses in Montreal. The JCCM counts on the support of several partners who care about the next generation. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal


School perseverance week - PERSÉVÉRA in high school: a program to keep young people on the school benches!

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - In Quebec, it is close to 30,0001 young people who will celebrate their 20e birthday without any diploma. And although the situation improved somewhat in 2014 with regard to the graduation rate, the Belle Province still has some way to go in order to reach its objective of 80 % graduation rate planned for 2020. In this regard school perseverance week, Educaide, an education aid fund intended to financially support young people from less privileged backgrounds, is launching its brand new program PERSEVERA in high school, aimed at encouraging students to persevere and graduate from high school.

“The third year of high school is a pivotal year to ensure the motivation of young people to continue their studies, particularly those who are more at risk of dropping out,” says Stéphane Corriveau, president of Éducaide. “The fact that the school dropout rate is still high in Quebec prompted us to set up PERSÉVÉRA in high school, a school perseverance program. Thanks to this innovative program, we are optimistic that we will make a real difference in the lives of some young people who have the potential to succeed, but who lack the resources to do so, ”he adds.

How does the PERSÉVÉRA program work in high school?
This is a program that matches businesses with young people from less privileged backgrounds in order to help them persevere in their studies. The donor company undertakes to pay, for the needs of the student, a perseverance grant worth 500 $ for three (3) years, for a total of 1,500 $. During this period, the donor will be able to follow the progress of his young fellow.

Perseverance grants can be used to pay for various items: school materials, clothing, socio-cultural or sports activities, computer equipment, etc. It is important to specify that perseverance grants are entirely managed by school administrators in order to ensure sound management.

In addition, the company will have the possibility:

  • to choose the region as well as the public secondary school where the scholarships will be paid;
  • to participate in a scholarship award;
  • invite the group of sponsored students to visit its offices;
  • to testify in a class;
  • to participate in a community project for the school.

In summary, the main objectives of the program are:

  • Reduce the school dropout rate
  • Ensuring the succession of tomorrow
  • Stimulate the motivation and personal esteem of sponsored young people
  • Helping young people achieve their dreams

Make a difference, concretely!
Valero Energy joins in PricewaterhouseCoopers, AlphaFixe Capital, OMHM Foundation, the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec and the JM Béland Foundation to open the door to thousands of possibilities for many high school students!

Énergie Valero recently undertook to sponsor twenty young people as part of the PERSÉVÉRA program. “Éducaide has the advantage of being present in the field and is able to restore the confidence of young people. At Énergie Valero, we want to help support young students who experience situations that disadvantage them and give them a chance by facilitating their career and designing an effective program, at the local level, with the aim of making a real difference in the community. This is what explains our decision to make Éducaide, and its PERSÉVÉRA program in high school, a pillar of our commitment to perseverance in school, ”said Mr. Ross R. Bayus, President of Canadian operations at Énergie Valero”.

About Educaide
Founded in 2002, Éducaide is an educational assistance fund intended to financially support young people from less privileged backgrounds with the help of perseverance grants, so that they can complete their high school studies and pursue post-secondary studies, If it's happened. To date, Éducaide has awarded 1,153,750 $ in scholarships to more than 970 students across Quebec.

About Valero Energy
Valero Energy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is an international manufacturer and distributor of fuels, petrochemicals and energy. Its subsidiaries employ approximately 10,000 people in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Company assets include 15 refineries, with an aggregate production capacity of approximately 2.9 million barrels per day, 11 ethanol plants with a total production capacity of 4.9 billion liters per year , a 50 megawatt wind farm and a renewable diesel plant, in joint venture. Through Energy Valero Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary in Canada, it owns and operates the Jean-Gaulin refinery in Lévis, with a refining capacity of approximately 265,000 barrels per day, and several other infrastructures logistics in Eastern Canada, including the Montreal East oil terminal, the largest of its kind in Canada, as well as the Saint-Laurent Pipeline connecting its refinery in Lévis and its facilities in Montreal. Its Canadian activities make it a leader, among other things, in industrial and commercial sales of petroleum products and to independent resellers and distributors or using the Ultramar and Valero brand.

1. – Source: Knowledge for Power report by L. Jacques Ménard: / 4/2 / Knowledge for power.pdf


SOURCE Gestion Universitas inc.


Kick-off of the 5th Montreal Hooked on School Days

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - In the presence of the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport and Minister of Higher Education, Research and Sciences of Quebec, as well as more than 200 partners from schools community and institutional, as well as the business community, that Montreal Success Network kicked off the 5es Montreal School Perseverance Days (JPS), at the Society for Arts and Technology.

Over 1,500 activities in Montreal

The JPS constitutes a privileged occasion to collectively underline this need to engage with our young people and to encourage them in their efforts towards success. “School perseverance is everyone's business! Once again this year, more than 1,500 activities are being implemented by hundreds of organizations that have the perseverance of our young people at heart, ”says the Executive Director of Montreal Success Network, Ms. Andrée Mayer-Périard.

The JPS also recall the importance of perseverance in school for the Montreal community and celebrate the essential work of all those who support our young people in the development of their full potential.

Young members of the JPS Squad: links in the chain of encouragement

The launch was an opportunity to salute the generosity of the ten members of the JPS Squad, these young hang-ups with a difficult but inspiring journey, who will, for a third year, share their experiences of perseverance with hundreds of young people. . Throughout their career, both school and life, the members of the Squad have shown extraordinary strength of character and are today examples of resilience and success.

“Squad members are integral links in this chain of people who encourage young people to persevere. By sharing their stories, they inspire those who hear them, motivate them to surpass themselves, to believe in the future and in the possibility of achieving their dreams. They are extraordinary young people, ”explains Gilles Petitclerc, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montreal Success Network and Director General of the Commission scolaire de Montréal.

In addition to being part of the Squad, Gabrielle Provost-Leblanc and Audrey Bouchard took up another challenge this year: they brilliantly hosted the Montreal launch of the 2015 JPS. animating this launch makes me very proud of my progress. JPS are very emotional days, where I feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement. And I'm very happy to be part of this chain of encouragement, giving other young people good reasons to persevere, ”says Gabrielle.

A great chain of encouragement ... and awareness

In order to help the movement continue, in the launch of all the activities already organized, the facilitators asked the participants to each make an individual commitment: that of sensitizing, during the JPS, a person of their entourage to the he issue of school perseverance, like the young people of the Squad.

“For me, perseverance is the sum of all the efforts you have to repeat to achieve something. As a member of the Squad, this is the message that I will bring to the young people during the JPS. Who knows where it will take them! », Concludes Audrey.

Partners of Hooked on School Days in Montreal

These 5es Montréal Perseverance Days are made possible thanks to the financial support of Réunir Réussir, the Regional Conference of Elected Officials of Montreal and Gaz Métro.

About Montreal Success Network

Montreal Success Network (RRM) is a regional organization bringing together 32 partners from all walks of life who wish to contribute to the perseverance and academic success of young people.
With the support of its members, Montreal Success Network supports action in 11 of the most sensitive neighborhoods, using a territorial approach; promotes links between actors as well as the cohesion of actions and ensures the documentation and dissemination of information relevant to action in perseverance and academic success.

It is with great pride that Montreal Success Network has been coordinating the Montreal Perseverance Days since 2011, the year of the first JPS in Montreal.

To follow Montreal Success Network on social media:

For a portrait of the Montreal situation in terms of school perseverance: article109#montreal

To consult the complete list of activities organized in Montreal: /

To consult the profiles of the members of the Squad: / squad-jps /


SOURCE Montreal Success Network

Hooked on School Days - “As a society, we have a responsibility to promote education” - Josée Bouchard

QUEBEC, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - The Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) is taking advantage of the Hooked on School Days, which take place from February 16 to 20, 2015, to remind parents, school board staff and the general public, how important it is to encourage our young people every day for the efforts they invest in their education, and also to encourage those who make the courageous choice to go back to school.

“As a society, we have a responsibility to promote education and encourage students to persevere,” said FCSQ President Josée Bouchard.

"The week of school perseverance is an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of all stakeholders in the school environment and all communities so that students find their way, so that they can flourish and that they can ultimately contribute to the development of Quebec, ”added Bouchard in a video recorded for the occasion.

The president of the FCSQ also took the opportunity to salute the exceptional work of the school staff who contribute to the success of the students on a daily basis.

The FCSQ also invites parents and relatives of students who wish to discover or share tips to encourage them to persevere in visiting the site.

The Federation of Quebec School Boards brings together the vast majority of French-language school boards in Quebec as well as the Commission scolaire du Littoral. School boards are local governments that ensure the academic success of more than one million students by providing educational services at the elementary, secondary, vocational training and adult levels. They also offer efficient and essential services, particularly in terms of human resources and material and financial resources. In addition, school boards are responsible for distributing resources equitably between their establishments and making safe school transportation accessible at all times.


SOURCE Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ)

Hooked on School Days 2015 - Encourage our children… and the Quebec government to persevere

QUEBEC, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - On the occasion of the days of school perseverance, the president of the Federation of Quebec Parents' Committees (FCPQ), Ms. Corinne Payne insists that we all continue to support the national mobilization initiated in the aim to encourage educational success and prevent dropping out of school in our communities.

At the same time, Ms. Payne also asks the Government of Quebec to ensure the sustainability of the regional initiatives put in place to stimulate academic success and perseverance.

Until February 20, Hooked on School Days (JPS) 2015 stress the importance of encouraging our children's efforts to motivate them to stay in school and build a better future.

In the current context, the president of the FCPQ is wondering what to do next. She believes that: “the government of Quebec also has a duty to persevere. At a minimum, it must maintain its efforts in allocating the resources and tools that will allow the work initiated to continue ”.

The announced disappearance of several regional consultation organizations is of concern to the FCPQ and the 20,000 or so committed parents it represents. “Already, local initiatives adapted to their environment risk disappearing or seeing their resources diminished, thus considerably reducing the positive impacts that they had nevertheless succeeded in demonstrating,” continues Ms. Payne.

In addition, “if the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport has itself reported notable improvements in terms of the high school graduation rate in recent years, it is also due to the efforts made by the actors who coordinate and lead activities in their communities that produce results ”.

The president of the FCPQ invites the population to visit the Internet link of Hooked on School Days 2015 and participate in the chain of encouragement young people who persevere. For parents, daily encouragement at home remains a beautiful and good practice which is also reported on the Réunir Réussir (R2) site, a site that contains evidence on the determinants of educational success supported by research.

In conclusion, Ms. Payne recalls "that in terms of school perseverance, beyond any doubt, everyone wins."

Profile of the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec :

For nearly 40 years, the FCPQ has brought together the parents' committees of Quebec school boards and supports volunteer parents concerned about parental participation in public elementary and secondary schools in order to ensure the quality of the education offered. to children.


SOURCE Federation of Quebec Parents' Committees (FCPQ)


Vrak Attak at Allô prof for the academic perseverance of young people!

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - They are not cold-eyed, the hosts of Vrak Attak! Pascal Morissette, Nicolas Ouellet and Vanessa Pilon lent themselves to the game of teachers for a night. They responded with determination to students' questions to help them overcome their difficulties in their homework. This emotional evening (nostalgia at its best for past participle agreement rules and manipulations in the isolation of a variable!) Will be premiered on February 19, at 6:30 p.m., on Vrak.

School perseverance is everyone's business
This great visit to Allô prof is part of the 2015 Academic Perseverance Days. From February 16 to 20, 2015, Quebec is celebrating inspiring initiatives, their actors as well as the work of students, parents and students. teachers to promote commitment and success in studies. In addition to receiving Vrak Attak, Allô prof will mark the occasion with various actions to publicize his mission as well as the needs of students and families in Quebec in terms of academic support.

The partners of Allô prof and school perseverance
On February 18, National Bank will announce the renewal of its commitment to Allô prof. The institution will devote the day to promoting the organization to its staff. Teams of employees will even come to the Allô prof center in Montreal in the evening to answer students' questions by phone. They will take the place occupied the day before by teams of Rio Tinto Alcan employees, a long-time partner of Allô prof.

Launch of the Play Zone
Learning while having fun is possible and even more effective! Targeting students at the end of elementary school and the beginning of secondary school, the Play Zone is a virtual space where young people can rehearse their lesson in the playful environment of a video game. With the Play Zone, Allô prof will put online a new game, the Pirates' Fair, which aims to learn geometric shapes and their characteristics.

All these actions support the objective of keeping as many young people as possible on the school benches until they obtain a qualification corresponding to their ambitions. For Jacynthe Côté, president of the board of directors of Allô prof: “A prosperous Quebec will necessarily require greater education for our young people. That each of the children of Quebec can have the chance to develop personally and professionally, this is one of the big dreams I have for the Quebec of tomorrow. "

About Allô prof
Created in 1996, Allô prof is a charitable organization supporting school perseverance whose mission is to provide free homework help to all Quebec elementary and secondary students and their parents. The development of services has been achieved thanks to the support of several partners: the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport, the Rogers Youth Fund, Reunir Réussir (R2), Fondation Réussite Jeunesse, Rio Tinto Alcan, Banque Nationale, Télé-Québec, Microsoft, Hydro-Québec and Universitas (to find out about all our partners, Click here).


SOURCE Hello Prof

Hooked on School Days 2015 - A new mobile application and a forum to share tips and encourage young people


Available from February 16, the application Adogotchi, developed by lg2, will encourage your virtual teenager and test your knowledge of school perseverance (CNW Group / Réunir Réussir (R2))

MONTREAL, Feb. 2015 / CNW Telbec / - On the occasion of Hooked on School Days (JPS) 2015 which will be held across Quebec from February 16 to 20, the Réseau des Instances régionale de concertation (IRC) on school perseverance and educational success in Quebec and its financial partner Réunir Réussir (R²) are proud to launch a brand new application mobile, theAdogotchi, and the discussion forum These tools aim to remind adults of the importance of encouraging young people in their efforts to succeed.

In the fight against dropping out of school, getting involved on a daily basis with young people is a condition for success. With the forum and theAdogotchi, adults - parents or other significant figures - will be able to share their tips and tricks to encourage young people and discover how they can have an impact in their lives, declared the spokesperson of the IRC Network and coordinator of the Mauritius Committee on perseverance and academic success, Katya Pelletier. Whether it is by leading by example, by valuing successes while having high but realistic expectations, by encouraging reading from an early age or by regularly informing themselves about what the young person is going through at school, every adult can make a difference. "

L'Adogotchi : a teenager virtual to discover and share ways to encourage young people
Developed by lg2 and inspired by the famous virtual game Tamagotchi, theapplication Adogotchi features a virtual teenager whose mood changes according to the encouragement received. When difficult situations arise where the teenager might be tempted to drop out, notifications are sent to the user, who is encouraged to be creative in their ways of encouraging their child. Adogotchi. Through a quiz on perseverance and the risks of dropping out of school, users are made aware of the impact they can have in this regard. A true content generator, theAdogotchi is intimate! linked to the forum The ideas shared by users will thus be added to those found on the web. The application will be available for free from February 16 on Apple Store and on Google Play in the following weeks. : a great bank of ideas to encourage young people
Dynamic and participatory tool, the Web platform allows you to share tips and tricks to encourage young people on a daily basis. Internet users will find a host of inspiring ideas to support young people when they are faced with situations that could affect their perseverance in school. These ideas can be shared, commented on and enhanced at will on social networks, thus maintaining a dialogue around the educational success of young people. Useful information on school perseverance and dropout prevention is also provided.

Staying the course for school perseverance

Interestingly, the graduation and qualification rate in Quebec stands at nearly 76 % 1, an appreciable increase of more than 7 % since 2006-2007. However, dropping out of school continues to cost Quebec society dearly, with the shortfall amounting to $ 1.9 billion per year. On an individual level, young people who drop out before graduating from high school have less annual income than their fellow graduates, plus their unemployment rate is higher and their life expectancy shortened.2

Efforts to encourage school perseverance are yielding good results. But, like our young people, we must intensely pursue our actions in favor of academic success and stay on course for the objective set by the Government of Quebec, namely to achieve a graduation and qualification rate by 2020. of 80 % in young people aged 20 years and less », Declared Sophie Harnois, Managing Director of R2.

Thousands of activities across Quebec
Launched in 2005, the Hooked on School Days are deployed throughout Quebec through the IRCs present in the 17 administrative regions. In 2014, more than 380,000 young people were affected by one or other of the 4,500 activities coordinated by the IRCs and implemented by schools and organizations across Quebec.

Together, R2, the Quebec IRCs and their regional and local partners have invested nearly $ 100 million since 2010 to support more than 1,600 actions affecting young people aged 3 to 20 and their parents. Among these many projects, we note individual tutoring programs between young people and mentors or homework help and support, high school entrepreneurship projects, extracurricular sports, scientific, artistic and cultural activities, awakening to reading and writing as well as workshops to support the development of parenting skills.

To learn more about the activities of Hooked on School Days, the population is invited to visit the site, to follow the page Facebook, the Twitter account @JPS_HSD or the hashtag #JPS2015.

About the Network of Regional Concertation Bodies
The regional consultation bodies (IRC) on school perseverance and educational success in Quebec, spread over the 17 administrative regions, are at the crossroads of actors working for the educational success of Quebec students. Their role consists of mobilizing the regional actors concerned and developing local partnerships to act on the educational success of young people. Each IRC is unique, allowing each to adapt to the specific challenges of the region it serves.

About Reunite Succeed
Bring together Succeed (R²) is a non-profit organization created in 2009 following a partnership agreement between the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation and the Secrétariat à la jeunesse du Gouvernement du Québec. R² acts as a unifier of the vital forces dedicated to the educational success of young people in Quebec. It particularly relies on the mobilization of regional consultation bodies (IRC) and local communities to establish winning conditions that will positively influence the graduation rate. Thanks to an investment fund of 50 million dollars co-financed in equal parts, R² is able to financially support hundreds of actions in the field affecting a few! hundreds of thousands of young people aged 20 and under across Quebec.

1. Diploma and qualification, by secondary school board - 2014 Edition, Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport, Government of Quebec, April 2014.
2. Report of the Action Group on School Perseverance and Success in Quebec, Knowledge in order to be able: undertake a national project for school perseverance, 2008.


SOURCE Reunite Succeed (R2)

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