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A look at Quebec and Belgium: Back to school and school-family communication

What better time to start a new collaboration than at the beginning of a new school year. After the difficult times linked to the pandemic, we hope with all our heart to live a year rich in projects, exchanges and human relationships! In this context, digital technology can, and must, continue to play a role in our schools. But which one?  

3 examples of virtual schools that work

"Virtual school is not for everyone, but let's face it, school is not for everyone either," says Marie-Claude Harnois, executive director of Étude Secours, an online educational service that allows high school students to complete certain core courses. She participated in the presentation of various virtual school projects at the most recent Digital Education Summit.

4 key elements to plan effective techno-pedagogical training

After a forced adjustment for teachers in the use of digital tools during the pandemic at Covid-19, the return to the classroom for 21-22 has come in different ways for many in terms of digital. More than ever, it will be important for schools to maximize digital teacher trainings to counteract the growing digital divide in education.

Introduce the world of work to your students with Academos

The mentoring offered on the Academos application helps you introduce your students to the reality of the working world. In addition to helping to increase motivation by validating young people's career plans, the virtual mentoring helps them discover inspiring career paths thanks to the concrete information provided by the mentors during their exchanges. Whether you want to plan an in-class activity to meet a COSP or allow your students to make connections between their learning and its concrete application in the job market, Academos is a free resource available year-round!

5 reasons to attend ADF Camp

From October 11 to 14, 2022, Camp FAD will be held at the Delta du Mont Sainte-Anne, near Quebec City. Still hesitating to register? Here are five reasons that should convince you. //Sponsored report

Queen Elizabeth II: A Respectable Legacy

On September 8, 2022, after more than 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II will pass away at the age of 96. Here are some activities that will allow students to learn more about the highlights of her life and the roles and responsibilities of her representatives in Canada, as well as learn about Canadian currency.

Interprovincial technology sponsorship to create digital books

Quebec Grade 5 and Ontario Grade 2 students had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of small digital books last spring. The entire project was conducted remotely and in French, drawing on the strengths of both groups of students. We tell you their story.

Sowing seeds... technology!

Marie-Claude Simard, a grade 3 teacher at Sainte-Thérèse Elementary School in Val-Alain, challenged her students to grow herbs with the help of technology. Here is the result.

TikTok and education: a duo that works!

TikTok is currently enjoying an unprecedented popularity among young people. It's THE reference platform for your students to have fun AND get informed. Learn how TikTok and its algorithm work, discover the strengths of the application, its codes and how to reach your students. It can indeed become an important motivational tool. So, ready to become a "TikTokeur" or "TikTokeuse"? 😎

Back to school: the parent-child contract for healthy technology use

Going back to school becomes an opportunity to return to a certain family routine. In many families, this is also the time to establish rules for children's screen time. The parent-child contract becomes a concrete tool to formalize these rules and allows a dialogue between parents and children around these rules.

Quebec Principals' Week: Exceptional leadership sought!

The Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE) and the Fédération québécoise des directions d'établissement d'enseignement (FQDE), in partnership with École branchée, are launching an initiative that will highlight the achievements of school principals and recognize their outstanding work.

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