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Strategies to improve reading in all subjects

Reading is central to all school subjects. For example, students must isolate data in mathematics, interpret documents in social studies, read theory in science... So what can we do, when we don't teach French, to help our students with reading? A whole range of things! And of course, digital tools can support it all advantageously and efficiently! Come and see how you can do this without adding to your workload, or that of your students!

Create educational resources with PowerPoint

Well known for its dynamic presentation creation options, Microsoft PowerPoint is also an excellent tool for designing your own educational materials. Creating worksheets, task cards and educational workshops has never been easier! This session will explore the various tools built into PowerPoint as well as the resources available to design your first educational resource from start to finish.

The #Édubrèves - September 20, 2022 edition

Here are your #Edubrèves. In this edition: a new information site for 8-12 year olds, beware of nostalgia, school helpers are 15 years old, inspiring initiatives in education, professional development opportunities, interactive and live virtual field trips, a study on the new Quebec Culture and Citizenship course, the RÉCIT in numbers, and much more!

Tracks and play with BookWidgets

Want to add interactivity to your courses? BookWidgets is a subscription-based tool that makes it easy to create more than 40 types of digital exercises such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, memory games... No less than 35 types of questions (most of which are self-correcting) are offered in certain activities and allow you to receive student responses and send them personalized feedback. Tracks, playfulness, fun, everything is there for success!

A laboratory of innovations at the service of teachers

Our contributor presents a testimonial on how the staff of the Moser School, a trilingual educational institution for students aged 8 to 18, in Switzerland, has weathered the pandemic and has perpetuated the use of digital technology, in particular by setting up a Teams space dedicated to sharing content among teachers.

Oplan: class management by digital work plan

Classroom management is an important aspect that can have an impact on student success. Oplan is a digital resource that is now available online to support teachers in developing teaching sequences and organizing classroom management around a work plan. The goal of the tool is to guide the student both in terms of objectives and the time available to achieve them. You will be impressed by the potential of this free application that is in full expansion!

Explore the educational possibilities of Google Earth

Whether it's to inspire writing activities, travel virtually, measure distances, present literary projects or have students create guided tours, Google Earth presents multiple educational possibilities in many subjects and at many levels. Come and discover this tool that is both known and unknown! You will leave with a head full of ideas and projects!

Taking pictures with the iPad

Discover the world of educational photography in a simple and powerful way using the Photos tool on the iPad tablet. Photos allow you to better observe the environment, engage students in their learning and use real-life contexts to build or communicate new knowledge. In addition, thanks to the iPad's organizational options, students can easily create portfolios, thematic folders and more!

Discover docAppender

Want to send your answers entered via a Google form in a specific document? Come and discover this add-on to the Google Suite that allows you to automate several processes related to learning documentation and evaluation! You will gain in efficiency and save a lot of time.

Introduce the world of work to your students with Academos

The mentoring offered on the Academos application helps you introduce your students to the reality of the working world. In addition to helping to increase motivation by validating young people's career plans, the virtual mentoring helps them discover inspiring career paths thanks to the concrete information provided by the mentors during their exchanges. Whether you want to plan an in-class activity to meet a COSP or allow your students to make connections between their learning and its concrete application in the job market, Academos is a free resource available year-round!

The Podcast: A Professional Development Tool

Podcasting in education is a world to discover! For the past few years, many podcasts have been created each month and can meet different training or self-training needs, for both teachers and students. Whether it is to reflect on one's teaching practices or to follow the latest technological news, for example, there are podcasts for all tastes. This edition of CréaCamp Discovery will feature several must-have educational podcasts and a collaborative list will be built from the suggestions of participants. Strategies for applying what you hear during the episodes will even be suggested! A meeting not to be missed!

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