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Do your students know that French is spoken in Canada other than in Quebec? Here is an opportunity to make them aware of this reality through meetings with francophone students from Alberta and activities aimed at enriching their vocabulary by discovering surprising expressions!

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The main activities aim to:


👀 Background

Yves Duteil sang in La langue de chez nous the beauties of the French language around the world ...

In Canada, the two official languages are French and English. Less well known, French is not only spoken and taught in Quebec, but also in some communities in other provinces.  

For example, at Notre-Dame School in Edmonton, Alberta, students are learning to speak French and they are proud of it. In this update video, we hear them name expressions or words that they like and talk about their vision of the French language in their predominantly English-speaking province. Their wish? May French take more place in their community!  

Organizations like ACELF support the identity construction of Francophones outside Quebec according to 8 principles that can be discover in these humorous video clips from the Franco-Ontarian group Improtéine.


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