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Scoloco: an ambitious educational project that works

The project of shoes made from apple leather for a cohort of secondary 4 and 5 students, from the entrepreneurial path of Collège Sainte-Anne, is drawing to a close.

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A cohort of 144 students, trainee managers of 4e and 5e secondary school students, on the entrepreneurial path of Collège Sainte-Anne, are getting ready to put on the “sneakers” of success. Their project of shoes made of apple leather, which spanned 22 months of work, is drawing to a close.

Beyond skills

The project, which includes the creation of “sneakers” and their marketing, required the collaboration of 350 students who invested themselves in nearly a thousand hours of lessons.  

According to Marilou Bourassa, teacher and coordinator of the Sainte-Anne & Entrepreneurship Program, each hour devoted to the project allowed the students to develop new skills, both technical and human. These are also values such as listening skills, respect, transparency and integrity that have been reinforced through the project.

Each group also learned two fundamental functions of private enterprise: marketing and innovation, in addition to seeing all the inner workings of a traditional and online business. Adventure has been full of twists and turns and not just because of the pandemic.

Responsible entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Imagined in Quebec and made in Portugal, the “sneakers” of the group of young budding entrepreneurs are designed a vegetable-based apple leather, natural and recycled rubber soles, 100 % organic cotton laces, cork and natural latex insoles, and an inner lining in recycled material. They also have the particularity of being mismatched. The first collection is available on their website: scoloco.com.

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