Fir and spruce: the same since the days of the dinosaurs

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Researchers have found that the genome of fir, spruce and pine has not changed much in over 100 million years. Let's take the opportunity to situate this discovery in time and review the characteristics of these trees.

Researchers have found that the genome of fir, spruce and pine has not changed much in over 100 million years. Unlike flowering plants that have always struggled for survival by constantly adapting, tall conifers seem to have found their balance rather quickly.

Professor Jean Bousquet and his colleagues say that the results of their work somehow confirm the resemblance observed between current conifers and fossils dating from the time of the dinosaurs.

Source: Radio-Canada


Suggested activities

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At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- use their long-term memory to remember the characteristics of conifers, seen mainly in elementary school;
- use the Internet to find scientific and historical information;
- locate different eras on a time line.

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