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Last Thursday, November 1st, the 2nd edition of edCamp Montreal was held at Wilfrid-Bastien Elementary School. A little more than 120 people, teachers, educational advisers, education professionals and students, gathered to discuss topics of interest to them in connection with education. Small return ...

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Last Thursday, the 1er November, was held the 2e edition of edCamp Montreal at Wilfrid-Bastien elementary school. A little more than 120 people, teachers, educational advisers, education professionals and students, gathered to discuss topics of interest to them in connection with education. Small return ...

The edCamp formula in particular, apart from the logistical organization, nothing is planned in advance. We attend with the sole intention of networking and sharing experiences. At the start of the day, the organizers give a rough explanation of the process. Everything takes place around the wall of the workshops: a space on which you can find the numbers of the available premises and the time slots to be filled in for each one. In this case, there were 7 rooms and 3 time slots.

A wall of shy workshops at the start of the day which will overflow with color a little later!

Thus, for the 1time hour of activities, some brave dared to stick on the wall questions they wanted to address. The participants headed to the premises that inspired them, guided for the occasion by students from the school, to attend, most of them amazed, their first edCamp session.

In each workshop, the formula may differ:
- a more traditional formula where a facilitator presents something he has done or experienced, followed by a discussion initiated through questions from the people present and sharing of experience;
- a quick presentation of technological tools by several people;
- a more or less structured discussion on a specific topic;
- etc.

As stated Francois Rivest, host STORY from the Pointe-de-l'Île school board and member of the organizing committee, “the only rule is that there are no rules! ".

For example, Eric Noël (4e and 5e high school, math and science) opened the day with a workshop in which he spoke about his experience of the overturned classroom. Among those present, other teachers, such as Caroline Hétu (4e secondary, French), could answer people's questions. In another room, “ilèves” presented life in their “ iClass », A concept dear to Pierre Poulin, main organizer of edCamp Montreal.

After this first contact, the workshop wall quickly filled with suggestions and the choice of topics widened.

I do not have myself could not resist the formula both simple and rich, and I proposed a discussion and sharing TBI / TNI, a subject that interests me particularly. However, I was in no way prepared. I started by asking questions so that we basically know the profile of the people present. Of the forty or so people in the room, only 4 or 5 did not have an interactive whiteboard in their classroom. We were therefore able to evacuate our irritants, share tips and remember the strengths of these paintings: keeping traces, sharing, manipulating, exploiting the visual side, promoting spontaneity, etc. Ideas came from everywhere: mini-teachers, stories in which you are the hero, animations and other resources found on the Internet, open canvas, etc.

In many cases, the one hour duration of the workshops was of course too short as the discussions were rich. This is the edCamp formula: make your mouth water and make you want to go further.

Does that inspire you? Watch on Infobourg for the announcement of the next French-speaking edCamps in Canada! In particular, the date and location of edCamp Ville de Québec will be announced within a few weeks.

Also use the comments form below to share your memories of edCamp Montreal if you were there.

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