Resources to reduce back-to-school anxiety and support perseverance

Back to school: source of joy for one student, stress for the other. Discover the various resources of the PRECA to help you support them.

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Back to school: source of joy for one student, stress for the other. Discover the various resources of the PRECA to help you support them.

With the start of the school year, young people experience a big change in their routine. For some, this change is good. For others, going back to school has its share of torments and they may show signs of anxiety that can reduce their chances of success.

One organization whose mission is to promote school perseverance is the PRÉCA, the Partners for Educational Success in Chaudière-Appalaches. Actively involved in Hooked on School Days, they offer more interesting resources than the others on this subject.

On September 27, they will present the webinar Anxiety: better understanding to act better given by Julie Beaulieu, professor at UQAR. A great opportunity to support these students who are having more difficulty in the first weeks of the start of the school year. Unable to attend? You can still register to receive the recording.


Resources offered by the PRÉCA


Webinars and Conferences

Throughout the year, the PRÉCA offers free webinars or conferences intended for actors in education on various subjects such as How to study, Boys' success in school, Teach effectively, YES, but how?, What to do and what to say to persuade, Shared reading, The successful transition from daycare to school or Neuromyths. It is possible to participate live in online seminars by registering, these being announced via their newsletter some time beforehand.


Perseverance space for the Chaudière-Appalaches regions

In order to promote collective action in matters of school perseverance, the PRÉCA created Perseverance Space, a virtual tool providing access to the various available resources, listed by territory, in order to facilitate pooling.


Photo space

To celebrate Hooked on School Days, it is possible to order a box to create a Photo Space and participate in the #JSP2017 wave. 


Fact sheets on the determinants of school perseverance

To equip educators with regard to perseverance in school, the people at PRÉCA have developed 18 files, classified into 4 themes (family, personal, school and social factors), presenting the factors influencing school perseverance and educational success.


Design an effective project

Do you want to create a project to encourage your students to persevere? The Reunir Réussir (R2) team has collaborated with the Regional Consultation Authorities (IRC) for you to equip in the implementation of your project by means ofeffective actions. For ideas of activities to be carried out, you can consult the Coeuréaction repertoire or the inspiring examples presented directly on the site


Thanks to all these resources, you will be able to support your students in order to have a great school year in addition to preparing yourself for the next ones. Hooked on School Days, which will take place from February 12 to 16, 2018.

To get started, don't hesitate to participate in the September webinar!

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