REFER 2018: networks and links

On March 22 and 23, the Rendez-vous des Écoles Francophones en Réseau was held at Louis-Joseph Papineau High School. Under the theme "school and learning: networks and links", the event once again highlighted exchanges and sharing.

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On March 22 and 23, the Rendez-vous des Ecoles Francophones en Réseau (REFER) was held at Louis-Joseph Papineau high school. Under the theme "school and learning: networks and links", the event once again highlighted exchanges and sharing.

“The theme […] will be centered around collaboration and the co-construction of knowledge. It will combine all school disciplines, will focus on exchange and collaboration between participants and above all will highlight the students and their achievements. "-

This year, the REFER encouraged the establishment of 6 main class projects and 3 competitions. Some of the projects carried out as well as the winners of the competitions were presented during the event at the foyer in Montreal.

Class projects

These trees that surround us

Discover and present the different species of trees that surround the school to raise awareness about taking care of the environment. This was the main educational intention behind the #TerreREFER project. Taking place in October and November, it was a great opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful autumn days. The purpose being the production of a QR code to be placed on the tree in order to share the fruit of new collective knowledge about it, a community dimension has been added to the project.

The social order

Wanting to be an opportunity to reflect on "the importance and the need to adopt laws and regulations to live in society", this collaborative project took the form of a RISK-style game that took place over several periods. at the teacher's convenience. The students were invited to create a character for themselves and to immerse themselves in the situation presented by the teacher. Following the presentation of the scenario, the students carried out various missions which led them to collaborate and discuss.

Cooking with classes

As part of the month of food, the project 1TP3RecipesEER was quite appropriate. This project invited participants to create a recipe to insert into the collaborative recipe book. In addition, this year, a drawing competition was held to determine the cover page.

For more information, see the website of the project.


Science for all

#ScienceREFER is an interdisciplinary project aimed at sensitizing young people to the popularization of science. The expected production was a video capsule designed and produced as a team on a scientific subject of your choice. At the end of this project, it was possible to submit the capsules produced to the competition Light on science! As part of this project, a live Facebook was created with Mr. Félix Maltais des Débrouillards to answer questions from young people.

Children of peace

Creating a collaborative alphabet on the theme of peace, this is what was proposed with the #DéfiALPHA. Pairing students from Kindergarten to Grade 4, the youngest had to choose words related to the proposed theme and starting with the letter assigned to them. These words were then sent to their “twin” class who were asked to write a story. At the end of their composition, the older children returned their story to the younger ones so that they could illustrate it. All the stories were finally recorded in an alphabet book. Here is the final result:

Go where the air takes you

This #AirREFER project invited its participants to adapt du Bellay's poem in the manner of Ridan, by adding a part imbued with their own cultural references, in particular around their language of origin. During the REFER, the instigator of the project came from French Polynesia to present what had been achieved by the classes of the Archipelago.



Tweet Literature Contest

Taking place during the week of the French language and the Francophonie, the tweeting competition invites young people each year to use their creativity to compose a tweet. This must be related to the proposed theme and draw inspiration from the 10 words proposed by Tell me ten words. This year a multitude of tweets that put the word in the spotlight invaded the twittosphere.

Light on science!

Continuation of the Science pour tous project, the popular science competition Light on science invited the students to create as a team a video capsule presenting a scientific concept. The winners of the competition were awarded the Félix Maltais Prize.


Let's rethink the school of tomorrow

In partnership with Builders of the possible, the #EcoleDuFutur competition was intended as an opportunity for young people to change the world on their own scale as well as to document their approach.



To find out more about the REFER, you can consult their website or their channel Youtube.

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