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Use interactive questionnaires

Through this continuous self-study course in videos, discover various applications that can support you in creating interactive questionnaires for your students.

Designed from the resources of the École branchée, more specifically those of the CréaCamp Découverte, this training course guides you in the development of your professional expertise in the digital age. Access to content is offered to members or by purchasing a 1 month access to videos.

Who doesn't want to play while learning? Or learn while playing? Gamifying learning stimulates student motivation, engagement and interest. This course therefore aims to make you discover different platforms to help you boost your content. 

To listen 

1 - Decktoys: a fun online course platform

Find out how to use the Deck.Toys platform to create learning paths just like a video game! Gamification of learning allows students to learn while having fun. It's also a great way to engage students and energize your lessons. This CréaCamp is relevant for both secondary and primary.

2 - Formative to teach, collaborate and teach people 

Evaluate and provide feedback effectively with a user-friendly platform tailored to your needs. No matter what subject you teach, you will find in Formative a tool that allows you to save time, in addition to developing a sense of competence and accomplishment in the feedback offered. A platform that combines synchronous and asynchronous classroom teaching. 

3 - Formative and Classkick: a hell of a combo for digital education

Among the many resources with which our presenter has worked in recent years, Formative and Classkick stand out and revolutionize his teaching. Exercises, assessment, self-correction, quick and precise feedback; less correction and less management; more fun and efficiency! With him, take a look at the strengths of each tool as well as the wide range of possibilities they offer the teacher.

4 - Wooclap, for interactive teaching

Wooclap is a free application for elementary and secondary teachers (and more!) Which offers many possibilities for interactivity and for collecting information about the progress of students. This session allows you to discover and test the application live.

5 - LearningApps, to create interactive activities

LearningApps has become a classic for creating interactive digital activities for students. Discover or rediscover this completely free platform designed for education and take a tour of its possibilities in the company of a seasoned user.

To read

1 – Play to learn: From gamification to gamification

In this major dossier, we offer you an overview of the world of gamification / gamification and we explain to you why this practice is accessible to all teachers. Hey no, no need to thoroughly review your teaching practices to bring a playful touch to your class!

2- Ideas to make your students active in distance education

While we hope to find a semblance of calm with a return to class for all at the start of the school year, we never know what the future holds. Here are some ways to encourage students to take action, which will be useful for both classroom and distance education.

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