Some examples of digital books in schools

To end this file, here are some examples of digital books produced in educational contexts.

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To end this file, here are some examples of digital books produced in educational contexts.

First, here is a regrouping multiple books created by students with the Book Creator mobile app. This grouping is available on Pinterest and is organized by the creators of the app.

Second, here is the example of the College Saint-Jean-Vianney. This college has decided to promote the creation and distribution of digital books on a large scale. To begin with, the educational advisor built a tutorial on the Book Creator app. Then the students made books in the history class. A French teacher set up a writing challenge that allowed three students to produce a book that is now available from Amazon. Finally, the establishment has an account on iTunes U and some of its books are free and available to the general public. One of them relates to Click, the college's technological implantation project.


Other useful references and resources on the subject

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File plan:

- Introduction

- What is a digital book?
A little history
The birth of digital

- Digital book formats
Formats generated by word processing
The cross-platform document format (PDF)
HTML language
The EPUB format
Proprietary formats for e-readers
How to choose the right format

- Create your digital book
Word processing
Specialized publishers

Some examples of digital books in schools
References and useful resources


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