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When Digital Supports Educational Practices - Fall 2022 (V2N1) in English

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When Digital Supports Educational Practices
Here is the Fall 2022 issue of the magazine Engaged Learning!
2nd year, number 1.
(Also in French)

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When Digital Support Educational Practices

Here is the Fall 2022 edition of the magazine Engaged Learning!

2e year, issue #1.
32 color pages, plus covers


  • Reconciling Teaching Practice with Evidence-based Data
  • "Augmented Peer Feedback for Learning Purposes
  • How Can Teachers and Parents Promote Students' Digital Literacy Skills?
  • "First Peoples Project" A realistic, multidisciplinary ... and digital initiative!
  • Recording Students as They Read and Sharing It for Advice and Feedback: An Approach That Improves Reading Fluency
  • Investing in Technologies for Student Learning: 4 Principles School Boards and Parents Should Consider
  • Your Smartphone Is Not Making You Dumber-Digital Tech Can Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities
  • Moving Beyond SAMR with the Rigor Relevance Framework (DETACHABLE POSTER)
  • Supporting Teachers Who Make in Schools and How to Evaluate Learning from Making
  • Leveraging Digital Tools for Initial Training: Beyond the Blue Bird
  • Revising and Correcting a Text at School in a Digital World: Approaches That Still Need Some Exploration
  • Three Teaching Issues Stemming from the Use of Technological Tools
  • Teaching During the 4 Ways to Use Technology 4 Ways to Use Technology COVID-19 Pandemic: in Math Class in English Class Developing Digital Efficacy
  • Technology That Can Our Favourites The Final Note Help-and Is Supported by Research!
  • Our Favorites (Apps and Websites)
  • The Final Mark

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