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Special issue When digital technology balances learning disabilities

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Learn and succeed thanks to technological aids!
(and other files)

Here is a special issue of the École branchée magazine published in November 2017 as part of the conference for parents of the TA Institute (learning disabilities)

20th year, special issue. 18 pages + covered

Quand le numérique met un baume sur les troubles d'apprentissage
(and other files)

This is an update to the École branchée magazine special issue on learning disabilities.

20th year, special issue. 18 pages + covered

It includes articles and files relevant to teachers:

  • Apprendre et réussir grâce aux aides technologiques
  • Technology aids at the service of all students
  • Three mothers testify to the importance of technological aids in their boys' success
  • What technological aids for dysphasia?
  • A Survival Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Indoor weather to help anxious children
  • ICT: a strong potential for the special educational needs of children with cognitive disorders

Published by the non-profit organization of the same name, École branchée offers testimonials from teachers who are daring new approaches thanks to technology, as well as practical directories of tools adapted to the needs of the environment, aimed at making teaching more dynamic and promoting learning.

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