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Teacher's Guide - The Sixth Extinction

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This educational guide contains three activities to do in class, including a selection of relevant links to further explore the subject. These activities were designed to enrich students' knowledge of the evolution and protection of living species.

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Around the world, scientists are watching for warning signs of a sixth extinction, said to be the most devastating since the fall of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. However, they now know that solutions can be put in place.

The activities proposed in this educational guide will help to better understand the sixth mass extinction and endangered species, but also the positive role that humans can play in the preservation of nature.

Adapt the activities to your needs or enrich the expectations of lower secondary education by science and technology (Living universe> Diversity of life> Evolution).

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Create rich and meaningful learning contexts from the news!

This digital educational resource for the teacher promotes the development of digital skills and informational.

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