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2012 Annual Guide

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3,500 animations to learn, teach and revise (and other files)

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This École branchée guide lists dozens of digital resources that are beneficial to students and teachers alike, at primary and secondary level. Its pages contain testimonials from teachers who dare to work with technology, as well as articles on important trends such as playful learning, flipped classroom, video production, interactive whiteboard, collaborative web, applications for mobile tablets… So many ways to vary the teaching to reach learners differently, according to their own style.

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The best of digital in education!

3,500 animations to learn, teach and revise (and other files)

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The École branchée provides resources and information about the use of technology in the classroom. A guide that will certainly appeal to teachers and parents!

- Links to 3500 free activities on the Internet, to learn, revise and teach. This content will be used, among other things, to make better use of interactive whiteboards, meeting the needs of teachers for these new tools. In addition, the animations will also serve as learning and review resources for the students.

- The trendy classroom toolbox.
A selection of 40 of the best tools and / or Web applications to create, organize or manage your learning.

- 60 apps for mobile learning.
Touch tablets and other mobile devices are coming to school! The École branchée lists 60 useful applications in the school context.

- Files on hot topics.
What to do with a TBI in my classroom? Teaching in the age of hackers. Social media: the pet peeve of education. And a few short articles to complete it all!

2012-2013 edition

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