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Towards inclusive education - special issue 2019 (V21NHS)

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Vers une éducation inclusive
Here is a very special issue of the École branchée magazine produced in collaboration with the Institute for Learning Disabilities!

21st year, special issue.

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Towards an inclusive education...
(and other files)

This is a 2019 special issue of École branchée magazine, produced in collaboration with the Learning Disabilities Institute!

21e year, special number.
40 color pages, plus covered

This issue was produced in collaboration with the Learning Disabilities Institute and with the financial support of La Boutique éducative, Druide, Lexibar, Médialexie, Brault & Bouthillier and École Vanguard. THANK YOU!

Articles and files:

  • Inclusion: an introduction to the scope of its complexity
  • Initiatives to democratize access to technological innovations
  • Promising avenues to better adapt to student diversity and make inclusive education a reality
  • Towards an inclusive and accessible digital educational environment
  • Inclusion through technology
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Benefits and Challenges of Implementation in a School
  • Technological aids to enrich the student's learning environment
  • Develop and enrich your vocabulary in the digital age
  • Using technological aids in the practicum setting: ergonomic input
  • Becoming a citizen in the digital age: developing the autonomy of all
  • Teaching, skills and digital: towards a "smart" household

Published by the non-profit organization of the same name, École branchée offers dossiers, testimonials from teachers who are daring new approaches thanks to digital technology, as well as practical suggestions for tools adapted to the needs of the school environment, aimed at making teaching more dynamic and promoting learning.

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