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CréaCamp TERREBONNE (In attendance) September 13, 2022

125,00 $ + taxes

New themes can be added up to the day of the event! 🤩 

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Location : Collège St-Sacrement, 901 Saint-Louis Street, Terrebonne, QC J6W 1K1
Included in the registration : day of training, snacks, dinner and cocktail at the end of the day.

Important: please fill out 1 registration per participant.
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Come experience the unique professional development that is CréaCamp! Develop your digital skills and network with other network enthusiasts. See you at Collège Saint-Sacrement in Terrebonne.

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Detailed programming 

New themes can be added up to the day of the event! 🤩 

Introduce the class workshops with a variety of digital tools at the primary level

Educational workshops are a good way to play and differentiate learning, especially in math and French. Develop autonomy in the classroom to allow for specific interventions, inspired by the response to intervention model, with at-risk students. This workshop will show how to organize them by integrating digital tools that offer real added value and promote pedagogical differentiation. We will talk about the iPad, Google Forms and other tools that are ideal for making these learning moments even more interactive!

With Jason Belzile, educational advisor at L'École branchée

Build a digital worktop from A to Z

Thanks to digital technology, it is possible to create a flexible work plan that supports students in a process of self-knowledge, that targets objectives and that helps them to self-assess. Come and create a work plan that reflects your group, using the tools you like and that will allow you to develop autonomy while reaching clear and concrete learning targets for the students!

With Laurie Couture, educational advisor at École branchée

Communicate effectively to parents and students through to the class site

Why would a teacher create a classroom site, you ask? There are many reasons! To streamline their digital learning environment (e.g. Google Classroom), to disseminate information to parents and students more effectively, to share good organizational practices, etc. You will learn how to create a functional class site to share with parents and students from the beginning of the year. This site will evolve over the months and years, as it is quick and easy to improve. We will take you step by step through the creation of your first site.

With Alexandra Coutlée, Coordinator of Pedagogical Services at L'École branchée

Learn about Planning and registration of capsules instructional videos

Take the time to learn how to efficiently prepare video vignettes for your students with simple equipment and publish them online to make them available to your students. After this workshop, you'll know how to set up the script (keep it short!), set up for filming (tips and tricks!) and adjust the broadcast settings (for the class or the rest of the world?). Come and create your (first?) video vignette for your students during this sprint! Choose your optimal broadcast model and learn some filming basics along the way!

With Sylvain Desautels, technopedagogue at Chenelière Éducation

New themes can be added up to the day of the event! 🤩