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CréaCamp SPRINT (virtual) for managers - November 25, 2021 AM

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November 25, 2021, a CréaCamp SPRINT edition specially designed for managers! Choose the theme you like (detailed program below)!

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Detailed programming  

Morning (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

Organize and simplify your resources using google tools

Make the best use of the Google education suite to communicate with your team! Centralize information using a tailor-made site, create your forms so as to keep track of important information, manage meetings, reports and collaborative documents… All of this is possible and easy!

With Laurie Couture, educational advisor at École branchée

Organize communications and documents efficiently thanks to Microsoft Office Sharepoint

Make the transition to digital for your management documents, meeting summaries and communications to teaching staff thanks to the creation of a Sharepoint site! Centralize information and ensure effective, clear and transparent communication to all school team staff. Start building your site by benefiting from step-by-step support!

With Jason Belzile, educational advisor at École branchée

Use Autocrat for the forms tracking in the school

Discover an improvement process experienced by a primary and secondary school management. Experience an Autocrat demonstration using an existing field trip form and create your own with step-by-step guidance. Automate your monitoring processes and save time and efficiency! This workshop requires the use of the Google suite and the Autocrat extension for Google Sheets. Have your outing request form in Google Document format.

With Marc-André Smith, director of the Envol school at the CSS des Navigateurs

Evaluate and provoke the change in evaluation practices within his school team

Find out how to incorporate backward planning into your evaluation practices! What elements are involved in backward planning? What does this mean for you as managers and for your teachers? What is the impact of backward planning (PAR) on education? On student learning? On their progress during the year? On the professional judgment of your teachers? When the planning is done, your teachers will be able to answer two fundamental and important questions that are central to their work. We will discuss backward planning in depth and then jointly develop an approach to initiate discussion and collaborative work to develop this backward planning within a team.

With Mélanie Ducharme, educational advisor and responsible for the certification of studies at CSS de Laval

Share your leadership : learning to trust is one thing, but inspiring trust is another!

This workshop will allow all of its participants to discuss various approaches to sharing leadership. First, we will find a definition of what leadership is and how, in a school context, we can share it with members of the school team. We will discuss the importance of the bond of trust that unites management and teachers and we will see how to establish its pedagogical credibility with the latter. So, what is the responsibility of each in a dynamic of shared leadership, starting with that of management? Participants will come away with a plan targeting what elements of leadership can be assumed by the targeted staff members.

With Marc-André Girard, school principal and doctoral student in education

Integrate the collaborative teams in his school, one more step towards the success of all!

Find out how to set up collaborative teams in your school by identifying the conditions that may be facilitating and the potential challenges to be overcome. Start, or continue, your action plan to identify what your team can work on and what gains will be made for your school!

With Sylvie Boutin, educational consultant, former school principal

Strategies effective teaching : what are they and how do you prioritize some of them in your school?

The teaching effect is significant and documented. The “direction” effect, as an educational leader, is just as important! What does the latest research tell us about effective teaching? Is it a synonym of explicit teaching? Let's take a look at the fundamental strategies together and establish a tailor-made game plan for our team at our school.

With Sylvain Desautels, technopedagogue at Chenelière Éducation