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CréaCamp LA POCATIÈRE (In attendance) December 16, 2022

125,00 $ + taxes

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Location : Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, 100 4e Avenue Painchaud, La Pocatière, QC G0R 1Z0
Included in the registration : day of training, snacks, dinner and cocktail at the end of the day.

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Come experience the unique professional development that is CréaCamp! Develop your digital skills and network with other network enthusiasts. Meet at the Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière in La Pocatière.

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Detailed programming 

New themes can be added up to the day of the event! ? 

Creation digital assessment tools diagnostic criterion

Discover different digital tools that will transform your diagnostic assessment. Take the time to create tools that will be useful in your assessment for learning process. Particular attention will be paid to assessing the risk of using the wrong strategies or making mistakes in your process. Finally, the collection of evidence of learning will be discussed in order to create a clear and accurate class portrait.

With Sylvain Desautels, technopedagogue at Chenelière Éducation

The visual note taking with digital technology: a technique efficient and creative

Offer your students a different way to demonstrate their understanding of a concept and make their learning visible through visual note-taking strategies. The use of free and accessible digital tools allows you to go even further by encouraging the co-construction of solid links. Thus, sketch-note, concept maps and image collages are all creative and flexible techniques that will be discussed in this workshop. A strategy that will appeal to a large number of people.

With Laurie Couture, educational advisor at École branchée

The immersive classroom : integrate the augmented reality in the classroom

Augmented reality is easy to use and available on mobile devices. During this training day, we will explore together applications (free or offering a sufficiently free version) to explore or create in augmented reality. Whether you want to bring the solar system into your classroom, transform a student drawing into 3D or film yourself with your favorite animal for a presentation, the possibilities of augmented reality are immense! You will certainly find applications that will allow you to enhance your various classroom projects, both at the elementary and secondary levels. Augmented reality will be an addition to your pedagogy that not only creates a wow effect, but also increases the engagement and motivation of your students, while integrating an innovative immersive technology. It's sure to get your students talking... and your colleagues too.

With Alexandra Coutlée, Coordinator of Pedagogical Services at L'École branchée

The creativity for all with the iPad

The iPad is a very powerful, but often underused, creative tool. Learn about the possibilities of creating music using the intuitive "Live loops" tools in Garageband. Podcast recording using the app is also possible and we will explore the possibilities. In addition, embed the music you create in a video edited using the Clips app. Explore the pedagogical possibilities of these free tools adapted to all levels. Finally, turnkey resources for teachers and students will be offered to support them in their creativity on the iPad.

With Jason Belzile, teacher and director at Mr. Jason's Photocopier

The activities interactive Desmos, it is for all the disciplines!

Desmos is a free online activity creation tool that allows you to monitor students in real time at both the primary and secondary levels. Mainly targeting mathematics, the features allow it to be used in all disciplines. The activity teacher dashboard will allow you to highlight and link your class creations. View, capture screens, and share student learning as it develops, pause an activity, manage the pace of the class, and anonymize student names to help make discussions more effective and fun. Also offer real-time feedback to your students and allow them to submit their creations by sending photos of their work. Your classroom management can also be integrated with Google Classroom. Come join me for a day of technology creation!

With Frédéric Ouellet, teacher at Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière

Resolution of problems with Scratch

Discover the educational potential of programming with Scratch. Scratch is a free online platform that is ideal for students in the 2nd cycle of elementary school and beyond. It introduces students to block-based programming. Creativity, technology, concrete programming tasks related to mathematical concepts will be on the menu of the "Problem solving with Scratch" workshop. Come develop your digital programming skills in a spirit of creation and resource sharing!

With Sonya Fiset, RÉCIT Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) faculty advisor