FCSQ Award of Excellence 2010-2011

The FCSQ is proud to recognize the exceptional work of the school boards of Portages-de-l'Outaouais, Laval, Découvreurs, Pierre-Neveu, Marguerite-Bourgeoys and des Chênes and to reward their trendy and successful projects.

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The FCSQ is proud to recognize the exceptional work of the school boards of Portages-de-l'Outaouais, Laval, Découvreurs, Pierre-Neveu, Marguerite-Bourgeoys and des Chênes and to reward their trendy and successful projects.

MONTREAL, May 26, 2011 / CNW Telbec / - On the occasion of the gala to kick off its convention which is taking place today and tomorrow on the theme Effective political communication, the Federation of Quebec School Boards (FCSQ) proudly awarded its 2010-2011 Awards of Excellence to the Portages-de-l'Outaouais, Laval, Découvreurs, Pierre-Neveu, Marguerite-Bourgeoys and des Chênes school boards . These distinctions are intended to highlight and promote the remarkable work carried out by the school boards that are members of the FCSQ. The projects awarded this year are all technological projects.

Preschool and primary

This is the project Apprentice of the Du Marais school which earned the Portages-de-l'Outaouais school board the prize in the category General education for young people in preschool and elementary schoolApprentice is a website designed for students, parents and teachers of 1er primary cycle. It includes interactive online exercises, photos and videos illustrating students' achievements, especially in visual arts, and games. It also allows students and parents to communicate by email with teachers. This project allows students to familiarize themselves with new technologies in a real and safe context and allows parents to follow their child's academic progress at all times.


The project Coop Green Pencil of Poly-Jeunesse high school enabled the Commission scolaire de Laval to win the Excellence Award for General education for young people in high school. This is a horticultural business set up and managed by students aged 13 to 15 with learning difficulties who have given themselves the mandate to green their high school, sell plants and create a site. Educational internet about plants. The ecological and entrepreneurial nature of the project particularly caught the interest of the members of the jury.

Professional training

This is the project Asynchronous remote legal secretary of the Marie-Rollet Vocational Training Center which deserves the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs to receive the Award of Excellence in the category Professional training. The main objective of this distance training project in the Legal Secretariat is to respond to the shortage of manpower in the labor market. The learning activities and the support of the teacher take place in a virtual environment with computerized means: student contract, deadline to be met, schedule, occasional and continuous individual monitoring of the teacher in terms of learning, relaunching less active students, monitoring dropouts and withdrawals, troubleshooting, evaluation. The project also allows this Certificate of Professional Specialization (ASP) to be accessible to a greater number of people.

Adult education

The project awarded in this category is called Didacti-CIEL. It was developed by a teacher from the Christ-Roi Adult Education Center of the Pierre-Neveu School Board. Computer lessons are progressively recorded in the form of audio-video tutorials and made available to students via a website. It is the only website truly adapted to the teaching of computers in general education for adults. It also contains pre-tests and learning situations developed in relation to each course. It thus facilitates the learning of computers even in very small centers which do not have the opportunity to rely on specialized teachers in their team.

School board services

The FCSQ is particularly proud to award the first Excellence Award in the new category Services, which is awarded to the Youth Educational Resources Department of the Commission scolaire des Chênes for its project Stageboom. In order to optimize collaboration with businesses in the Drummondville region, the school board has developed a Web application that lists more than 600 businesses interested in collaborating in activities such as company visits, internships for students or more lectures in schools.

The jury's favorite

Our The jury's favorite Excellence Award was awarded to the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board for the creation of educational success software by the Computer Resources Service. It is a data warehouse and a decision support tool relating to educational success. The tool makes it possible in particular to update daily data such as the results of all the students in an establishment, in order to then quickly identify areas of strength and vulnerability with regard to academic success.

Special notebook

The Federation has joined forces with many partners to publish a special section on the recipients of the Awards of Excellence awarded this evening. Consequently, the six recipient school boards will see their project published in a booklet which will be distributed in 415,000 copies on May 27 by La PresseThe sunThe NouvellisteThe rightThe DailyThe gallery and The Voice of the East. These newspapers will reach 1.5 million readers across the province.

This project to promote public schools and academic perseverance is made possible thanks to the financial involvement of the FCSQ, La Capitale, Assurances et services financiers, the Association des cadres scolaire du Québec, the Association directors general of school boards, the Montreal Association of School Directions, the Quebec Association of School Management Staff, the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec, the Quebec Federation of School Directions teaching, the Société GRICS, the Quebec School Transport Association and the Quebec Bus Owners Association.

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