FEEP Innovation Prize, 2019 edition: unveiling of the winners

The Federation of Private Educational Institutions yesterday unveiled the winners of the 3rd edition of the FEEP Educational Innovation Awards, during the Innovation Awards Gala.

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Montreal, May 3, 2019 - The Federation of Private Educational Institutions yesterday announced the winners of the 3e edition of the FEEP Innovation Awards in Education, during the Innovation Awards Gala held at the OMG restaurant, in Sherbrooke, on the sidelines of the Federation's general assembly.

A jury made up of nine people from academia, business and the media specializing in education was tasked with choosing the winning schools from among the finalists. To underline their distinction, these schools each received a check for 500$, given by the FEEP partners.

List of winners

Educational innovation - Preschool-primary

Marie-de-France International College, Montreal
An approach to sound ecology adapted to schools
This project has been implemented in all classes of the primary school and through it, the school wishes to develop the auditory sensitivity of the pupils. They will be encouraged to hear better, discover and understand the sound world around them.

Educational innovation - Secondary

College of Montreal, Montreal
Educational circles
This project aims to provide in-service training where a group of five to six teachers meet once per nine-day cycle. Every second cycle, a new routine of the “Visible Thinking” approach is presented and analyzed in groups before being integrated into the classes.

Innovation - Support for students with special challenges

François-Michelle Center, Montreal
The caterer La Boîte à Lunch
As part of the pre-work training program, students enrolled in 1st and 2e year are encouraged to develop their skills in the food sector. They are responsible for providing daily meals for around thirty students from their primary school. Thanks to this working environment, students are trained to respond to the various tasks of their future internship.

Innovation - Benevolent climate

College Mont-Notre-Dame de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke
In order to offer a place conducive to reducing stress and anxiety among students, the college has innovated by offering Anchorage, a space for well-being and healing. The project aims to create a caring and calm atmosphere, in addition to being a place of learning.

Innovation - Community action

Bromptonville High School, Sherbrooke
To be concerned
Aware that its students will be the citizens of tomorrow, the secondary school has added a new student profile. “Being Concerned” encourages the development of five additional skills in each student. They are led to reflect on various authentic scenarios, anchored in the community and educating them on the impact of their actions on society.

Innovation - Sustainable development

Mont Saint-Sacrement High School, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier
Eliminate waste at the source!
Given the large number of activities offered at noon, many students choose to have their meal to go. These meals are found in Styrofoam plates and containers, which has the effect of increasing the school's ecological footprint. In 2018, the Enviroclub students decided to counter this problem by encouraging a change in the behavior of the community, in order to reduce its ecological footprint.

Innovation - Promotion of the Quebec language and culture

Saint-Paul College, Varennes
The fabulous destiny of Amélie Nolin
Inspired by the French film "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain", the play, composed of 151 students of the Performing Arts, offers a production where song, dance, theater and music are in the spotlight. Through this large-scale project, the students were called upon to develop their critical thinking, their creativity as well as their communication skills.

Innovation - Student entrepreneurship

College of Lévis, Levis
Student bazaar
A young cooperative founded in 2015, the Student Bazaar is a school thrift store that collects school uniforms and then resells them at low prices. Through their involvement, the students develop autonomy and a spirit of cooperation, since they are responsible for ensuring the various operations of the Student Bazaar.

Jury's favorite prize

Trilingual school vision St-Augustin, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures
A benevolent dog for the well-being of students
The well-being of children has always been at the heart of the concerns of the Trilingual Vision St-Augustin school. With a view to offering them a benevolent school environment, the school has innovated with its project to welcome a Mira dog among its students. A unique project which aims to help students on various levels.

About the Educational Innovation Awards

The network of private schools members of FEEP stands out for the support and success of its students, as well as the services offered to students and their families. It is an environment that is distinguished by innovations that have repercussions on the entire Quebec education system. Established in 2017, the FEEP Educational Innovation Awards aim to document and disseminate innovative projects that contribute to the motivation and success of students as well as to create school environments that allow each child to develop its full potential. All of the projects presented for the Innovation Awards are now posted on the website.

About the Federation of Private Educational Institutions

The Federation is a non-profit organization that brings together nearly 200 independent establishments attended by some 114,000 students spread across Quebec. The members of the Federation offer services to preschool, elementary and secondary students in the areas of general and vocational training and special education. The Federation is a service center for these schools. It offers a wide choice of training for school staff, consulting services and group purchasing services. To find out more, visit and


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