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Planitou, a school diary and a digital portfolio offering videoconferencing!

Planitou is a platform for monitoring student progress that facilitates and improves communication between education professionals and parents. Both a school diary and a digital portfolio, it even offers video conferencing. [Sponsored report]
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commissioned report, by Planitou

Planitou is a platform for monitoring student progress that facilitates and improves communication between education professionals and parents. As the 2020-2021 school year will undoubtedly be atypical, several of your teaching tools will have to be adapted; Planitou offers you a completely secure, complete and fully developed digital solution in Quebec, which will allow you to be ready for any school situation.

Intuitive and secure, the Planitou platform offers many advantages to school teams and families. 100 % customizable, this platform offers you a real turnkey solution! With its multiple options, Planitou improves communication between teachers and specialists with parents via the school diary and the digital portfolio. Observations on skill and behavior development can be recorded here. In addition, if the daycare center or daycare the student attends also uses Planitou, periodic portraits of the child's previous development are available.

Planitou now offers a secure videoconferencing service, integrated into its platform. In the event that a class or a school is closed, the platform allows you to quickly continue distance learning and to contact your students simply and easily within 24 hours. Planitou's new video functionality is intuitive, secure and easy to use. The student can easily and safely access the video function without the need for supervision. 

A booming Quebec company, Planitou is a platform for communication and monitoring of child development, used daily by more than 5,500 educators for the benefit of more than 50,000 children in daycare centers and private daycare centers. After several pilot projects in schools, this digital solution is now available for schools.    

Already collaborating with several establishments, Planitou allows the whole family and education professionals to easily navigate through its multiple functionalities.

Whether it is to replace the use and distribution of paper with the digital agenda, to promote communication with parents through the digital portfolio and the student's file, or to ensure quality distance education with the system videoconferencing, the Planitou application meets the digital needs of schools.

Appointment on the Planitou site for more information!

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