PRESS RELEASE (Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, August 31, 2017) - The École branchée presents the autumn 2017 edition of its magazine, whose main dossier deals with computer thinking as a skill to be developed in young people.

"It is not new that we are interested in learning programming at school," explains the director general of the organization, Audrey Miller. “However, we hear more and more about it as a new code, in addition to language and mathematics, which we will have to master in order to fully participate in society. This issue also features an article on the British curriculum, where learning to program is compulsory.

Finally, in this edition, the columnists also offer ideas for having fun with mathematics, an application to create dynamic quizzes, reflections on professional development and continuing education for teachers and creative workshops to be carried out with mobile tablets. .

This edition can be purchased (paper or digital format) online exclusively. One can also subscribe to the three annual editions of the magazine.


About the École branchée

The École branchée is an NPO whose activities have contributed, for more than 20 years now, to the advancement of education by helping teachers to take advantage of ICT to promote the success of their students. It accomplishes its mission by allowing them to discover resources relevant to their professional practice, learn about new pedagogical approaches, live creative continuing education experiences and meet other inspiring teachers in order to promote the profession. Find out more ...