"Canada has failed to ensure the protection of Wood Buffalo National Park, located on the edge of the oil sands fields of Alberta, said Friday UNESCO which could add the park to its black list of world heritage in danger. "

Source: The duty

“Straddling the province of Alberta and the Northwest Territories, larger than the Netherlands, the park is suffering the negative impact of the industrial development of the tar sands and the Site-C dam project in the province. neighbor of British Columbia, according to the report of the United Nations cultural agency. "

Source: The duty

The activities in this guide will familiarize students with Wood Buffalo National Park as well as other sites in Canada that are part of the World Heritage List.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Explain the riches of Wood Buffalo Park;
- Know the main tourist attractions in Alberta;
- Compare different sites in Canada inscribed on the World Heritage List;
- Prepare a guided trip to Alberta respecting the data provided.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Wood Buffalo National Park

Display the newspaper headline The duty to introduce students to the details surrounding this source of concern for a protected site in Canada.

Continue this educational guide by presenting the students with this video informative highlighting the various attractions of Wood Buffalo National Park.

Question the students to check their individual understanding. To do this, here are some questions:

- Why does the park have this name?
- What is the area of Wood Buffalo Park compared to?
- What types of animal species are there?
- What year has the park been in existence?
- Etc.

ACTIVITY 2: Organized trip to Wood Buffalo Park

Get started this activity by informing the students that they will become tourist guides for this activity based on data from the site of Tourism Alberta and more particularly through the section of attractions tourist attractions detailed on a geographical map.

Students will be required to develop an organized trip for a family of 4 to Wood Buffalo Park. They will have to respect the budget and the time allotted as well as the distance separating the lodging of the families to the various tourist attractions which will be proposed to them.

Distribute this worksheet to the students so that they have all the information they need to plan a dream trip to the families concerned.

ACTIVITY 3: World Heritage Sites in Canada

Get started this activity by questioning the students to find out if they know of other protected sites that are inscribed on the World Heritage List in Canada.

Invite the students to learn more about the protected places in the different provinces of Canada, using this listing offered on Wikipedia.

Ask the students to compare 3 different places from different provinces while focusing on its size, the type of place, the date of inscription of the place on the heritage list and a description of the observed place.

Distribute to students this consignment grid so that they can better organize their new knowledge.

For further

Publish the tour guides developed in Activity 3 and inform Alberta Tourism about Twitter.

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