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Reading for reward? Welcome to Les P'tits Bouquineurs!

Quebec - A young Montreal mother, unable to see her boys aged 8 and 9 spending their time watching TV and playing video games, imagines an exchange system: 1 minute of reading for 1 minute of TV. The concept has grown to become a social network for young people accessible on the Internet.

Math: much more concrete with visual tools

World - Everyone who uses technological applications in mathematics agrees that they make completely abstract concepts more concrete, making it easier for students to understand. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to read scientific research reports that prove it!

Computer Symposium: Motivating Young People Through Technology

Val-Alain - Kindergarten to grade 6 students will present their ICT-related projects at the 4th edition of the Computer Symposium organized at Ste-Thérèse school in Val-Alain on June 10

Digital generation: for a sociology of cyberspace

On May 10 and 11, 2010, the Digital Generation: For a Sociology of Cyberspace was held as part of the 78th Congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir, at the University of Montreal. Representatives of Infobourg were on site and we present to you a report of the various discussions.

Dyslexia: overcoming reading difficulties

Canada - Learning to read is not easy. Imagine when learning disabilities get involved. What if the difficulties persist… Dyslexia, a specific reading disorder, is a challenge at all ages.

A pair of glasses for students with learning disabilities

Rimouski - “Computing for a child with a learning disability is like a pair of glasses. This is how Brigitte Sirois, remedial teacher at the Commission scolaire des Phares, explains to young people, their parents and their teachers, the contribution of technological aids to students with learning disabilities.


Fait au Québec, diffusé partout dans la francophonie canadienne et même au-delà!L'École branchée est l'un des plus importants médias d’information axés sur la valorisation...

Telecollaboration (file extracted)

Extract from the Practical Guide to Technologies 2006, published in April 2006 (The 7 current trends) By Jean-Guy Dufort, coordinator of Prof-Inet Internet is not just a big library. It can also serve as a means of communication and exchange. It is that people themselves are also sources of information! For the school environment, this possibility is extraordinary since it makes it possible to reach teachers and classes from all over the planet and, thus, to collaborate with other people. All the distance barriers fall at once.

December 2006 - The holiday spirit… poverty and consumption

Regular issue, December 2005. 20 pages. Available in PDF only.

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