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The contract for the use of social media: reassure and protect without prohibiting

The November 2014 edition of L'Actualité magazine features an article dealing with the solution a mother found to supervise her teenager who wanted to use Facebook: signing a contract. How to draw inspiration from it in schools?

Create a digital book

Once you have fully understood the different formats and possibilities of each, it is now time to create your own digital book. In this part of the file, I will present the different creation software to you and I will end with some examples made in class.

Walruses, the next victims of climate change?

In the last few days, nearly 35,000 walruses have been forced to wash up on the mainland in northwestern Alaska. Let's take a closer look at whether this new phenomenon is directly linked to climate change affecting the Arctic.

Links 2011-2012

Here is the list of the 500 links proposed in the 2011-2012 annual guide. They are listed in the order in which they appear in the guide. He doesn't ...

Links 2013-2014

These two directories are taken from the 2013-2014 Annual Guide. They are made available here to make life easier for our readers, who will just have to...

Leonardo da Vinci did not paint alone

According to a recent study, the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci would have realized "The Adoration of the Magi" with collaborators. Let us take a closer look at this work of the great master.

European Heritage Days

Last weekend, for the 31st consecutive year, the European Days of Cultural Heritage took place. Let's take the opportunity to discover the gems of Europe which are certainly less known, but so rich in heritage.

Urban Outfitters: the bloody sweater that stains

Clothing company Urban Outfitters has put a controversial piece of clothing up for sale online. Let's take a closer look at why this bloody-looking Kent State University sweater is in the news so much.

Classcraft: Play to learn

A Quebec creation, Classcraft is a new role-playing game to learn and motivate students. To date, 7,000 teachers in 50 different countries have adopted Classcraft as an education supplement in their classroom. Over a million students are expected this fall.

The big day for small entrepreneurs is tomorrow!

They will be more than 250 waiting for your visit on June 28! During this very special day, the young participants will sit in their backyard or in front of their house to offer their products and services. This festive day is focused on the pleasure of starting your own business and doing business.

Its ups and downs have earned Quebec a C in the comparative report on education and skills

In Quebec, there is a notable difference between students and adults when it comes to performance on skills tests. This is what the Conference Board of Canada's education and skills benchmarking reveals.

The Pont des Arts bends under the weight of the "love padlocks"

A fence of the famous Pont des Arts in Paris collapsed this week. Let's take a closer look at how lovers of the planet, who hang a barred padlock to symbolize their love, will soon have to find more ecological alternatives.

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