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Math Day 2015: 68,000 students participated in the most stimulating math review session of the year!

No less than 68,000 students from 1087 schools in Quebec and 141 schools in Ontario participated in the contest surrounding Maths Day, culminating on March 14 (Pi Day) with the announcement of the winners.

An expert answers 5 questions about the use of video games in the classroom

Do Video Games Improve Learning? Are they beneficial for the social capital of the students? Where to start to use them? What challenges can we expect? What can we say to skeptical parents about their use in an educational context? A specialist answers these 5 questions.

What are the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie?

In March, several activities take place in the countries of the Francophonie. Let's take a closer look at why this recognition of the French language is always and again at the heart of concerns.

Active learning would explain the positive effects of the flipped classroom

For many stakeholders in education, the flipped classroom is a model that would have positive impacts on student success and motivation. But does the success of the flipped classroom depend on the model itself or the implications behind it? A study looked into the question.

BYOD: between perspectives and educational realities

Our new feature deals with the “Bring Your Own Digital Device” (AVAN) trend, better known by its acronym BYOD (for “bring your own device.” This new type of configuration, more and more present in the classroom, responds to financial needs, but also educational needs, in a society where education is more and more personalized and integrated with consumption needs.

Technology in the classroom: Canada's digital education leaders discuss opportunities and risks

Groupe Média TFO is launching the second edition of the Tablettistes Summit in Toronto, which is taking place today in Toronto.

Hooked on School Week: press releases

In this Quebec school perseverance week, many organizations are joining together to fight dropping out. Here are the various press releases issued on the subject that have reached us.

The great guide to the little school

The orthopedagogue and educational technologist Lucie Rivest, the one who wrote the text for the PGL dictation for 18 years, recently published her new book entitled “L'École québécoise demystifie” for parents.

Memories of Clair 2015

From January 29 to 31, the 6th edition of the Clair event, seeing education differently, was held. Here are some highlights of this meeting which, year after year, maintains the flame of teachers and other players in the French-language school environment, particularly in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere.

Projects and ideas in educational technologies: the financiers are starting to believe in it!

Good ideas in educational technology often come up against one problem: funding. In many cases, investors find these projects too risky financially or deem them insufficiently profitable. Is this era about to change?

What about freedom of expression?

Recent events - the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the sentence of Raif Badawi, the accusations against the comedian Dieudonné - have revived a surge of solidarity in the face of freedom of expression. But what are the limits of these?

4 promising ideas in educational technology

The DeVry Education group, a provider of educational services and products, will collaborate with 4 start-ups working in the field of educational technologies so that they carry out their project. The goal is to develop applications that have a positive impact on students.

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