OPINION: Let's dare to create an innovative education now!

The book “Osons l'école”, by I. Senécal and U. Cavenaghi, was born from the authors' desire to share their experience and their vision of innovative schools.

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The book Dare to go to school, by Isabelle Senécal and Ugo Cavenaghi, was born from the authors' desire to share their experience and their vision of innovation in education.

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by Isabelle Senécal, director of educational innovation at Collège Sainte-Anne
(with the collaboration of Brigitte Pilote)

Photo credit © Mathieu Deshayes

More and more of us think that school is not adapted to today's realities and that it must stop clinging to ways of doing from another era. Everything is changing around us at high speed: why would school stand beside change?

In recent months, we have seen an emerging interest in educational innovation in the news. In the public arena, the following question is asked: what education do we want for our children, so that they can fully take part in an increasingly complex world, where major challenges lie ahead? It is more than urgent to have this discussion and to implement concrete actions.

The Collège Sainte-Anne school team has been engaged for 15 years in a process of educational innovation deployed in three levels of education (elementary, secondary and CEGEP). Not only have we thought about what school should be like today and tomorrow, but we have rubbed shoulders with reality. The book Dare to go to school, that I sign with my college Ugo Cavenaghi, the president and CEO of our establishment, was born from the desire to share our experience and our vision of innovation in education. We found that there were few books on the subject published by people who work with young people and teachers on a daily basis. This field experience represents, in our opinion, the main value of our contribution.

Our remarks are aimed at both actors and actresses in the educational field, as well as parents and people who believe that it is through education that we will be able to create a more egalitarian world, more inclusive and respectful of nature. In this book, we take an optimistic and enthusiastic look at what could become of our schools, if we accept to come out of our shackles.


Educational innovation in action

The book explains why the school needs to change and presents creative ideas that have proven successful, at home and around the world. Our reflection focuses on all dimensions of school life: teaching practices, learning spaces, leadership style, continuing education.

Of course, we discuss the use of technologies, and we discuss what artificial intelligence suggests as new possibilities. In human history, there has rarely been an innovation potential comparable to that offered by digital technologies. In education, they make it possible in particular to diversify the sources of knowledge and to develop students' autonomy in learning and creativity. In addition, thanks to specialized web platforms, the educational community is invited to make the transition from an individualistic culture to one where collaboration prevails.

An important chapter of the book is devoted to how we worked closely with the teaching staff, as well as with their union representatives, to define our educational project. What knowledge, what skills should be transmitted to students, and how? Recent research in neuroscience and education shows us, for example, that pedagogical approaches that put students into action and make them work in collaboration, in a context as close as possible to "real life", are more successful in achieving this. make students succeed than traditional methods.

In this book, I present the context in which the Course of Tomorrow was born. It is a guide designed here by the very people who use it every day: teachers. This tool guides their work by allowing them to discover all the transformative potential of their class. We also showcase our innovative approach to continuing education. You cannot inspire change if you do not adequately support staff. This responsibility rests with the school administrators.

Let us stop waiting for the impetus for renewal to be given by the government. It is by showing initiative and creativity in the field that we will succeed in making our schools the places of learning that all children in Quebec deserve.


Dare to go to school: Creative ideas to revive our education system
152 pages
19,95 $
Ink Castle editions
ISBN paper version 978-2-924847-01-5
ISBN digital version 978-2-924847-02-2


Photo credit © Mathieu Deshayes

Book visual Let's dare school. Creative ideas to revive our education system

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