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Create with video

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, and technology has advanced to a point where we can use our phones to produce high-quality videos and edit them using an iPad or laptop. Take control of your silver screen by delving into the video features and learning about the tools we can use to help tell your story.

Creating stories with Coding

Visual-based coding is a great way to introduce our students to the world of programming. Storytelling using this tool is an effective way to introduce coding and learn problem-solving skills. Scratch is a visual programming language platform allowing us to compose our own story using visuals, motion, text, and audio. Learn how you can integrate coding with language, math, and art to engage and empower students.

Animations using Keynote

We may take a lot of time trying to find the right resource to use in our classroom to teach a concept, and still might not find exactly what we want. Fortunately, we have tools enabling us to create dynamic digital assets and use them in our slides and videos. Co-creating resources with our students during a lesson can help our students visualize abstract concepts and provide them with meaningful learning content that they can build on while teaching them how to create their own dynamic content. Keynote (iPad or Mac) can be used to create animated GIFs, animations and video content to engage and enhance communication and the learning experience.

Supporting all students with Apple's accessibility tools

Supporting all of our students in their learning is both challenging and rewarding. We can utilize technology to help our students communicate their ideas in a manner that is efficient, effective and authentic. Apple designs its products with accessibility in mind. Learn how we can leverage the built-in accessibility tools and native Apple apps to help our students learn and share their ideas.

Developing a love of reading with the help of digital technology

Digital technology can support literacy development in many ways in the classroom! This learning activity will explore how to leverage it to help students find books, share their impressions of their reading, build a community of readers, learn more about their book preferences, benefit from diversity in their reading choices, keep track of their reading, benefit from reading aids, improve their reading strategies, and... encourage reading in general. We will also discuss different ways to implement these activities in the classroom using digital tools such as digital books, online reading platforms, reading apps and social networks dedicated to reading.

Get organized with Google Workspace

In the daily lives of education staff, digital is convenient in many ways, but it can also quickly become overwhelming! In this workshop, we will introduce various tools from the Google suite that will help you organize your digital life. Solutions for managing your emails, files, lists and reminders will be presented. We will also share tips and ideas that will help you balance your life... and even your right to disconnect!

Sketchnoting: to make the unattainable visible!

Want to have direct access to your students' learning? Sketchnoting, also known as sketch-note, is a creative and highly visual note-taking technique that allows you to represent your thoughts using illustrations, symbols, structures and words. This training will give you the opportunity to learn how to do this personally and to discover the tools you need to support your own students and colleagues. Bring your digital tablet and a pen, or blank paper and colored pencils!

Doc Appender for Google Forms

Doc Appender is an add-on for Google Forms that allows to send the answers received via a form to a specific document. This workshop proposes to discover its possibilities and to learn how to automate several processes related to the collection of learning traces and evaluation

Feedback and evaluation with Google tools

Are you looking to become more effective when giving feedback to your students? Are you looking for a different way to assess? Find out how Google tools can support you in your efforts this year. During the workshop, several examples of activities will be proposed. We will discover innovative pedagogical practices as well as tips on how to use triangulation and learning traces with Classroom, Forms and some automation and merge add-ons.

Automate your processes with Autocrat and Google Forms

Do you know how to create a Google Forms form and have different ideas for classroom use? Now come explore how Autocrat, an add-on module, will allow you to automate your processes, increase your productivity and simplify data collection and analysis.

Twitter and Facebook to develop your personal learning network

In the digital age, teachers have all kinds of opportunities to take charge of their professional development and learn on the go. In this workshop, we'll look at how social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, offer educators the opportunity to find ideas, resources, strategies and share with colleagues from around the world!

Escape games with Google Suite

Do you know about escape rooms? This workshop allows you to learn how to use the Google suite to create your own digital escape games! You will have the chance to experience an escape game followed by a short workshop explaining different principles, giving you various tips to play with your students and sharing essential resources to get you started!

Documenting learning traces with Google tools

Triangulation of evidence of learning to provide descriptive feedback and support student progress has become an integral part of many teachers' pedagogies. This workshop will explore how different Google tools can help to be more productive and efficient in collecting evidence of learning.

Google Presentations...more than just a slideshow!

Why limit yourself to creating simple slideshows with Google Presentations? Come and discover the many other possibilities of this user-friendly and versatile tool. Digital books, comic books, video editing, digital portfolios... There is no shortage of ideas!

Google Photos: A tool for documenting learning!

Are you taking photos and videos of your students in action and looking for an efficient way to organize all of that footage quickly? Google Photos is a solution to consider. This workshop will show you how to use it to save all your photos and videos in one place, create shared albums, add comments, invite collaborators... and all this while freeing up valuable storage space on your mobile devices!

Google Forms 301 - Automation

Do you know how to create a Google Forms and have different ideas for classroom use? Now come explore how add-ons can increase your productivity and simplify data collection and analysis. With add-ons like DocAppender, Autocrat or Form Limiter, forms can become powerful data collection machines!

Google Forms 201: Possible uses

Do you know how to create a Google Forms? Now come explore the different ways forms can be used in an educational context. Whether it's to improve feedback, to get to know your students better, or to obtain data, you'll leave this workshop with at least 20 different implementation ideas for both elementary and secondary school.

Google Forms 101 - The Basics

Google Forms provides teachers with quick and easy access to student thinking, knowledge and skill level. Forms can be used in all sorts of ways with students, teachers and even the community. Before you can take advantage of a form, you need to know how to create one! In this workshop, we will first learn how to create a form, the difference between possible question types, how to incorporate images and videos, how to share the form and then how to analyze the data collected. Participants will leave feeling confident and ready to create a useful form for their class!

Google Forms...more than just questionnaires!

Do you know how to create a Google Forms? Now let's explore different ways to use them in an educational context. Whether it's to improve feedback, get to know your students better, or compile data of any kind, this workshop offers at least 40 different ideas for both elementary and secondary schools.

Google Drawing

Google Drawings is a tool in the basic Google suite. Often underutilized, it is very powerful for drawing, collaboration, publishing and learning. The limit? Your imagination! This workshop will teach you how to use this application for graphic design, communication and to stimulate your students' creativity!

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