New CADRE21 training: Educating in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major issue in today's world. The CADRE21 team has also added a new training course on the subject to its catalog, “Educating for cybersecurity”. The objectives are: to understand the importance of cybersecurity; know how to protect yourself online and integrate cybersecurity into learning activities.

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The CADRE21 team has added a new training course to its catalog, Educate in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is becoming a major issue in today's world; the adoption of safe behavior on the Internet as well as the judicious use of the many technological tools available to all are some of the skills to be acquired. The need to educate and equip the population about good data sharing practices is becoming generalized in connected societies.

The school world is no exception, on the contrary.

Three objectives

For the official launch of this twentieth online training from CADRE21, a discussion between the cybersecurity expert for schools, Roberto Gauvin, and Jacques Cool of CADRE21 highlights the elements of this training available to French-speaking teachers.

The three main objectives of the training are discussed in this exchange:

  1. Understand the importance of cybersecurity
  2. Know how to protect yourself online
  3. Integrate cybersecurity into learning activities


Like the other CADRE21 training courses, Educate in cybersecurity presents four (4) levels for professional development in education:

  • Explorer presents the basics of cybersecurity and best practices in this area. Emerging careers in cybersecurity are also presented.
  • Architect invites the teacher to apply his new knowledge in cybersecurity in a learning activity with his students.
  • Virtuoso allows you to analyze your practice and demonstrate the integration of good cybersecurity practices (those of students and teachers) in several contexts.
  • Innovator illustrates that your practice shows a dynamism in wanting to develop expertise on the subject, among other things by sharing resources with your colleagues in your professional environment.

This is Robert Gregory who will act as the feedback manager for all digital training badge submissions.

In partnership with CyberNB

Training Educate in cybersecurity is made possible by the significant contribution of CyberNB, a non-profit organization that promotes cybersecurity education in Canada. It is financially supported by CyberNB, the FRAMEWORK21, the SAI (New Brunswick Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat) and the SQRC (Quebec Secretariat for Canadian Relations).

As a reminder, CADRE21 training is available free of charge for teachers in Quebec and French-language school boards in Canada. Teachers from elsewhere can also register for a fee. All the details on the site.

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