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Here are its trainings offered through École branchée.
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Classkick, une plateforme pour suivre vos élèves pas à pas

Parmi les nombreuses ressources numériques rendues disponible au cours des dernières années, Classkick se démarque. La plateforme numérique offre la possibilité pour les enseignants voir les travaux des élèves en direct et leur donner des commentaires personnalisés, des encouragements ou des conseils pour les aider à progresser. Cette façon de faire favorise l'engagement actif et offre des informations précieuses sur les difficultés ou les besoins individuels des élèves. Exercices, évaluation, autocorrection, rétroaction rapide et précise… Moins de correction et moins de gestion, donc plus de plaisir et d’efficacité! Venez explorer les forces de cet outil ainsi que le large éventail de possibilités pédagogiques qu’il offre.

Formative, votre allié pour des exercices et évaluations numériques

Cette formation permettra de découvrir Formative, une plateforme Web aux multiples usages qui facilitera votre passage en mode numérique. Que ce soit pour rendre un document PDF autocorrectible, créer un examen, des exercices, faire de la classe inversée, etc., Formative possède probablement les outils au service de VOTRE intention pédagogique.

Facilitate mathematical discussion activities

Are you interested in facilitating mathematical discussions in the classroom, but don't know where to start? Would you like to try the principle of the collabo-reflective classroom? This training will provide you with winning activities and facilitation techniques to use in the classroom to promote mathematical discussion with your students, as well as discover how to integrate digital technology into this type of activity. You will leave with a wealth of digital resources and a sense of empowerment to engage in this type of high-yield educational activity. Depending on the length of the training, we may have time to create and experiment with a few activities.

Evaluate and correct efficiently with Microsoft Forms

This training will allow you to learn about the most interesting features of Microsoft Forms to create an assessment with the guidance of the trainer. This new way of evaluating will charm you and your students! Bring examples of assessments you already have to convert them into Forms during the workshop. Bonus: your students will be able to get quick feedback on your assessment with this tool.

Creation of correction grids for criterion-based evaluation

This hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to work on the development of evaluation rubrics. Participants will leave with not only a deeper understanding of criterion-referenced assessment, but also with a tool they can use in their next assessment activity.

Professional judgment and backward planning

At the end of a step, the teacher aims to make a professional judgment about the students' level of proficiency. A very effective way to do this is through backward planning of learning tasks: Plan for types of assessment; Implementing feedback to support learning; Use effective teaching strategies; Formulate, communicate and use instructional intent.

Effective feedback to your students

The relationship between the teacher and his or her students is undoubtedly the most important thing. Based on this premise, this workshop will provide effective tools for useful, specific and caring feedback in the classroom.

Writing and Digital: Seeing Opportunities from Preschool to Cycle Three

Supporting students in the development of their writing skills requires the mobilization of several resources, depending on the child's level. Indeed, to be able to produce a "written document", the student must apply several distinct knowledge and skills. In this workshop, you will discover how to create activities with several digital tools in order to put your students in action so that they develop their writing skills in a fun and level-appropriate way. 

Leveraging Google Suite Tools (and more!) in Physical Education

Discover the tools used by physical education teacher Annie Moreau to integrate digital technology into her practice. You will also have time to create YOUR ideas for digital content and activities while receiving live coaching.

Assessment for learning: concrete strategies

Reflecting on the theoretical aspects of assessment for learning is important, but how do we apply these principles in the classroom? What tools should be used? Which approaches should be prioritized? This is exactly what this workshop will focus on!

Doc Appender for Google Forms

Doc Appender is an add-on for Google Forms that allows to send the answers received via a form to a specific document. This workshop proposes to discover its possibilities and to learn how to automate several processes related to the collection of learning traces and evaluation

Feedback and evaluation with Google tools

Are you looking to become more effective when giving feedback to your students? Are you looking for a different way to assess? Find out how Google tools can support you in your efforts this year. During the workshop, several examples of activities will be proposed. We will discover innovative pedagogical practices as well as tips on how to use triangulation and learning traces with Classroom, Forms and some automation and merge add-ons.

Documenting learning traces with Google tools

Triangulation of evidence of learning to provide descriptive feedback and support student progress has become an integral part of many teachers' pedagogies. This workshop will explore how different Google tools can help to be more productive and efficient in collecting evidence of learning.

Google Forms 101 - The Basics

Google Forms provides teachers with quick and easy access to student thinking, knowledge and skill level. Forms can be used in all sorts of ways with students, teachers and even the community. Before you can take advantage of a form, you need to know how to create one! In this workshop, we will first learn how to create a form, the difference between possible question types, how to incorporate images and videos, how to share the form and then how to analyze the data collected. Participants will leave feeling confident and ready to create a useful form for their class!

Google Forms...more than just questionnaires!

Do you know how to create a Google Forms? Now let's explore different ways to use them in an educational context. Whether it's to improve feedback, get to know your students better, or compile data of any kind, this workshop offers at least 40 different ideas for both elementary and secondary schools.

Go further with Google Classroom

You've already used Classroom with your students, but you'd like to get more out of this tool? This training is for you! Discover tips that will save you time, increase efficiency and help you organize your digital learning environment. Learn how to use Google Classroom for more than just filing documents and assigning homework. Transform your Classroom for you AND your students.

Getting started with Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a simple and effective digital learning environment. This workshop provides a confident approach to creating class groups, adding students, organizing and structuring your digital classroom, communicating with students and parents, assigning homework and resources, best practices for getting started, and much more!

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