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Educational integration of programming, robotics and 3D drawing (Beginner)

You want to integrate programming, robotics or 3D drawing in your teaching? You have a 3D printer in your school and don't know what to do with it? You would like your students to be active and creative? This training will allow you to discover basic tools for these approaches, such as Scratch, Lego Spike, Tinkercad, etc. You don't have to be a teacher in a specific discipline to integrate them and unleash your students' creativity! You will leave feeling empowered to come up with new and inspiring projects.

Facilitate mathematical discussion activities

Are you interested in facilitating mathematical discussions in the classroom, but don't know where to start? Would you like to try the principle of the collabo-reflective classroom? This training will provide you with winning activities and facilitation techniques to use in the classroom to promote mathematical discussion with your students, as well as discover how to integrate digital technology into this type of activity. You will leave with a wealth of digital resources and a sense of empowerment to engage in this type of high-yield educational activity. Depending on the length of the training, we may have time to create and experiment with a few activities.

Create melodies and moods in GarageBand for iPad

The GarageBand application for iPad allows you to create melodies, sounds and musical montages of all kinds. This tool can be easily used in many subjects, for example to create the soundtrack of a story in French, to compose a melody related to a historical period or even to write one's name! This training allows you to discover its pedagogical potential in order to engage students in a very creative process!

Develop your creativity with Apple tools

Developing creativity is an essential 21st century skill. Whether it's finding original solutions to a problem or presenting results effectively, developing creativity helps to articulate one's thinking and opens up avenues of communication. In this workshop, learn how Apple's tools and applications enable teachers and students to develop and express their creativity. See how KeyNote, Numbers, Pages, Photos and Clips can be used to create stimulating and relevant curriculum-related activities and learning situations. *This workshop can be adapted for a specific subject or offered to all.

Using the iPad to teach science

The iPad tablet is a must-have tool for teaching and learning science in elementary and secondary schools. A host of free, native apps allow teachers and students to observe scientific phenomena, collect data, analyze it, and share it. In this workshop, participants will experience science activities that they can then better pilot or adapt for their students. Thanks to the portability of the tablet, students and teachers can be active learners, both in the real and figurative sense!

Digital tools for high school math

Come and discover tools such as Desmos Classroom, Polypad, Geogebra, Wooclap, Phet, Cabri Express, tools from the NCTM Illuminations site, Tinkercad, Formative, Graspable Math, ThatQuiz, etc. This training will take a closer look at the most interesting features and the trainer's favorites to take high school math teaching and learning to another level!

Desmos Classroom in high school math

Desmos is a free activity creation tool that allows you to track students in real time. The teacher dashboard allows you to highlight and connect the creations of the class. View, capture screens, and share student learning as it develops, pause an activity, manage the pace of the class, and anonymize student contributions to help make discussions more effective and fun. Provide real-time feedback to your students and allow them to submit their creations by sending photos of their work or an audio recording. 

Promote the uniqueness of each person with Pages

When you put an iPad in the hands of a student, an infinite world of possibilities opens up. Indeed, it can become an ally in helping them learn more about themselves as learners. In particular, the Pages application, included with the device, allows them to create a variety of documents that are both in their image and that faithfully demonstrate what they have learned. Creativity, multiple possibilities and uniqueness will be the main orientations of this inspiring training!

Effective teaching

This training aims to provide an overview of the 10 strategies for effective teaching and to discuss ways in which digital tools can support them advantageously. A part of the course will also be dedicated to the collaborative construction of activities to be implemented in the classroom, at the participants' choice

Visual note-taking with the native tools of the iPad

Offer your students a different way to demonstrate their understanding of a concept and make their learning visible through visual note-taking strategies. The use of free and accessible digital tools available on the iPad allows you to go even further by encouraging the co-construction of solid links. Thus, sketch-note, concept diagrams and image collages are all creative and flexible techniques that will be discussed in this workshop. A strategy that will appeal to a large number of people!

Create an escape game with the native tools of the iPad

Engaging students in their learning is a real challenge in the digital age. The educational escape game is a fun way to introduce new concepts or review and can be created simply from the iPad's native apps. In this workshop, we'll look at how to leverage the Keynote app to create a game through which students walk through concepts of your choice, or make one for their peers. We will also look at various tips to make the creation of the game using the iPad tablet can be done in minutes!

Using robotics in elementary school teaching

Integrating robotics into the classroom allows students to learn how to organize their thinking and their work methods by taking on challenges adapted to their level. We will see how time invested in robotics improves student achievement and motivation in the classroom throughout elementary school. Guided challenges will be offered to participants using the robots in your school. In collaboration with Brault & Bouthillier.

Evaluation, feedback and ICT

Creating a new learning task also requires planning for assessment and feedback, which are essential to think about before bringing it to life for students. This creative training allows you to discover a variety of digital tools that will allow you to do this, while reviewing some theoretical elements related to the concepts of evaluation and feedback.

Sketchnoting: to make the unattainable visible!

Want to have direct access to your students' learning? Sketchnoting, also known as sketch-note, is a creative and highly visual note-taking technique that allows you to represent your thoughts using illustrations, symbols, structures and words. This training will give you the opportunity to learn how to do this personally and to discover the tools you need to support your own students and colleagues. Bring your digital tablet and a pen, or blank paper and colored pencils!

Using the iPad to teach science

Training focused on observation, data collection, analysis and creative projects in science and technology.

Escape games with Google Suite

Do you know about escape rooms? This workshop allows you to learn how to use the Google suite to create your own digital escape games! You will have the chance to experience an escape game followed by a short workshop explaining different principles, giving you various tips to play with your students and sharing essential resources to get you started!

Google Presentations...more than just a slideshow!

Why limit yourself to creating simple slideshows with Google Presentations? Come and discover the many other possibilities of this user-friendly and versatile tool. Digital books, comic books, video editing, digital portfolios... There is no shortage of ideas!

Google Forms 201: Possible uses

Do you know how to create a Google Forms? Now come explore the different ways forms can be used in an educational context. Whether it's to improve feedback, to get to know your students better, or to obtain data, you'll leave this workshop with at least 20 different implementation ideas for both elementary and secondary school.

Creativity in 360 degrees

This workshop will present different tools to create your own 360 degree images and videos. Whether you want to create a virtual tour of your school or a virtual reality experience for students to explore content in the classroom, this workshop is designed for those with a taste for adventure! We will roll up our sleeves and create a product by the end of the workshop. Bring your 360 degree camera (if you have one), your mobile device and a laptop!

Conquering the world with Google Geo tools

Come and discover the array of Google tools in the Geo family! From Google Earth to Google My Maps to Google Street View, discover how these tools can be integrated into geography classes, but also in many other teaching and learning contexts!

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