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Do you speak "digital"?

Over the last few decades, we have moved from ICT, information and communication technologies, to digital and its thousand and one possibilities. With its rules, codes and standards, "digital" is more complex to master. It represents a real language that everyone must now learn to master. Despite the passing years, inequalities and myths persist. Discover surprising statistics and see why it is necessary to take the next step.

Required reading?

As part of your duties, we are pleased to offer you a workshop on effective pedagogical practices around pre-reading, note-taking and annotations with digital technology, and support for your students. At the end of this workshop, teachers will be able to provide their students with tips and tricks on effective methods of working with required readings.

Teams and Notepad: classroom management and resource organization

By the end of this workshop, you will have organized your Teams environment using effective management of your Classroom Notebook. Discover how to effectively organize yourself in this environment to manage groups, resources and collect evidence of learning both in class and remotely!

Get organized with Google Workspace

In the daily lives of education staff, digital is convenient in many ways, but it can also quickly become overwhelming! In this workshop, we will introduce various tools from the Google suite that will help you organize your digital life. Solutions for managing your emails, files, lists and reminders will be presented. We will also share tips and ideas that will help you balance your life... and even your right to disconnect!

Getting organized with the iPad

When you put an iPad in the hands of a student, an infinite world of possibilities opens up to them. It is therefore important to help them organize their use of the device so that they can easily find their way around their documents and be more efficient in their learning. Several features such as Spotlight search, multitasking, the clock and many other efficiency applications will be exploited to their fullest.

Supporting teachers in their professional development in the digital age

The panorama of continuing education in Quebec is increasingly vast, but the basic issues remain: time, access, transferability to practice and mobilization of the school team. Now that digital technology has become an access facilitator, it is important to identify the winning conditions for informing, guiding and supporting teachers in their professional development efforts. How can we support and engage teachers in their continuing education with digital technology AND about digital technology? This workshop is intended for pedagogical leaders - principals, pedagogical consultants and resource teachers - and will explore this question by providing concrete avenues for action.

Assessment for learning: concrete strategies

Reflecting on the theoretical aspects of assessment for learning is important, but how do we apply these principles in the classroom? What tools should be used? Which approaches should be prioritized? This is exactly what this workshop will focus on!

Twitter and Facebook to develop your personal learning network

In the digital age, teachers have all kinds of opportunities to take charge of their professional development and learn on the go. In this workshop, we'll look at how social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, offer educators the opportunity to find ideas, resources, strategies and share with colleagues from around the world!

Wakelet, much more than a collection of favorites!

Wakelet is a free tool that allows you to organize a variety of digital content. Whether it's a collection of articles, videos, podcasts or documents, it's easy to organize and share your discoveries with your students or colleagues! Wakelet is also a practical tool that can be used as a portfolio, newsletter and even as a preparation for substitute teaching! Discover this versatile tool with us!

Getting organized with digital technology!

Digital can be very convenient, but it can also quickly take over our daily lives! During this workshop, we will present a variety of tools that will help you organize your digital life. Solutions for managing your emails, files, lists and reminders will be presented. We will also share tips and ideas that will help you balance your life... and even your right to disconnect!

Tips and curiosities of geek

In the digital age, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Every day, we discover a new trick or feature with our favorite tools. So we thought we'd share with you our favorite discoveries of the past few years.

The Podcast: A Professional Development Tool

The number of podcasts available in education has been increasing over the past few years and it is a world to discover. This training will help you discover which ones to follow for your professional development, but also how to produce them for yourself and with your students!

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