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Here are its trainings offered through École branchée.
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Classkick, une plateforme pour suivre vos élèves pas à pas

Parmi les nombreuses ressources numériques rendues disponible au cours des dernières années, Classkick se démarque. La plateforme numérique offre la possibilité pour les enseignants voir les travaux des élèves en direct et leur donner des commentaires personnalisés, des encouragements ou des conseils pour les aider à progresser. Cette façon de faire favorise l'engagement actif et offre des informations précieuses sur les difficultés ou les besoins individuels des élèves. Exercices, évaluation, autocorrection, rétroaction rapide et précise… Moins de correction et moins de gestion, donc plus de plaisir et d’efficacité! Venez explorer les forces de cet outil ainsi que le large éventail de possibilités pédagogiques qu’il offre.

Formative, votre allié pour des exercices et évaluations numériques

Cette formation permettra de découvrir Formative, une plateforme Web aux multiples usages qui facilitera votre passage en mode numérique. Que ce soit pour rendre un document PDF autocorrectible, créer un examen, des exercices, faire de la classe inversée, etc., Formative possède probablement les outils au service de VOTRE intention pédagogique.

Quizlet et Quizlet Live : c’est de la bombe!

Kahoot! a connu son heure de gloire… voici maintenant Quizlet et à Quizlet Live! Tous les ordres d'enseignement sont confrontés à un défi de taille : comment motiver les élèves et les aider à étudier efficacement? Quizlet offre une partie de la réponse avec son système de cartes d'étude utilisables dans une variété de mini jeux addictifs et dans le cadre des fameuses séances Quizlet Live. Si la version payante offre des avantages indéniables, sachez que la version gratuite saura aussi vous séduire. Quizlet et Quizlet Live… c'est « de la bombe »!

Digital tools for high school math

Come and discover tools such as Desmos Classroom, Polypad, Geogebra, Wooclap, Phet, Cabri Express, tools from the NCTM Illuminations site, Tinkercad, Formative, Graspable Math, ThatQuiz, etc. This training will take a closer look at the most interesting features and the trainer's favorites to take high school math teaching and learning to another level!

Educational video creation and publication workshop

Take the time to learn how to efficiently prepare video clips for your students with simple equipment and publish them on a YouTube channel (or other!). After this workshop, you'll know how to write the script (keep it short!), set up for filming (tips and tricks!) and adjust the broadcast settings (for the class or the rest of the world?). Come and create your (first?) video vignette for your students during this sprint! Choose your optimal broadcast model and learn some filming basics along the way!

Create an escape game with the native tools of the iPad

Engaging students in their learning is a real challenge in the digital age. The educational escape game is a fun way to introduce new concepts or review and can be created simply from the iPad's native apps. In this workshop, we'll look at how to leverage the Keynote app to create a game through which students walk through concepts of your choice, or make one for their peers. We will also look at various tips to make the creation of the game using the iPad tablet can be done in minutes!

Google Forms 201: Possible uses

Do you know how to create a Google Forms? Now come explore the different ways forms can be used in an educational context. Whether it's to improve feedback, to get to know your students better, or to obtain data, you'll leave this workshop with at least 20 different implementation ideas for both elementary and secondary school.

Conquering the world with Google Geo tools

Come and discover the array of Google tools in the Geo family! From Google Earth to Google My Maps to Google Street View, discover how these tools can be integrated into geography classes, but also in many other teaching and learning contexts!

Explore the multidisciplinary educational possibilities of Google Earth

Whether it's to inspire writing activities, travel virtually, measure distances, present literary projects or have students create guided tours, Google Earth presents multiple educational possibilities in many subjects and many levels. Come and discover this well known... but equally unknown tool! You will leave with a head full of ideas and projects!

The digital work plan

In the digital age, a student who knows himself or herself as a learner is an autonomous student, who knows what helps and what hinders success, and who mobilizes digital tools in the service of learning. A good way to orchestrate this concretely is to use a digital work plan. Indeed, there are many apps that allow you to create a flexible plan that supports the learner in their self-awareness, targets goals, and helps them self-assess.

French and digital: a duo of heart and fire!

Want to discover how digital technology can support your teaching? Teach reading with video vignettes, create collaborative writing situations based on individual challenges, or give students a voice through fun and personalized platforms? The possibilities are endless.

Create beautiful educational documents and videos with Canva

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to create beautiful visuals! The Canva application, which is free for students and teachers, offers a host of templates to adapt to your needs, in addition to an impressive collection of images, animations, sound effects and videos ready to enrich your creations. From posters to presentations, videos (without complicated editing!), banners and social media posts, who doesn't dream of being able to customize their educational tools to the max?

Fostering communication through a class site

Create a functional classroom site to share with parents and students at the beginning of the year. This site will evolve over the months and years, as it is quick and easy to improve. We will take you step by step through the creation of your first site using Google Sites.

Go further with Google Classroom

You've already used Classroom with your students, but you'd like to get more out of this tool? This training is for you! Discover tips that will save you time, increase efficiency and help you organize your digital learning environment. Learn how to use Google Classroom for more than just filing documents and assigning homework. Transform your Classroom for you AND your students.

Getting started with Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a simple and effective digital learning environment. This workshop provides a confident approach to creating class groups, adding students, organizing and structuring your digital classroom, communicating with students and parents, assigning homework and resources, best practices for getting started, and much more!

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