Promote the uniqueness of each person with Pages

When you put an iPad in the hands of a student, an infinite world of possibilities opens up. Indeed, it can become an ally in helping them learn more about themselves as learners. In particular, the Pages application, included with the device, allows them to create a variety of documents that are both in their image and that faithfully demonstrate what they have learned. Creativity, multiple possibilities and uniqueness will be the main orientations of this inspiring training!

Creativity for all with the iPad-audio and video

The iPad tablet is a very powerful, but sometimes underutilized, creative tool. This workshop will explore the educational possibilities of various free tools suitable for all levels. Learn about the possibilities of Garageband (native application), including recording podcasts and creating music tracks using Live loops. Also, learn how to integrate freshly created music into a video using the Clips application.

The Podcast: A Professional Development Tool

The number of podcasts available in education has been increasing over the past few years and it is a world to discover. This training will help you discover which ones to follow for your professional development, but also how to produce them for yourself and with your students!

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