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Here are its trainings offered through École branchée.
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L’édition audio à la portée de tous avec Soundtrap

Are you starting a podcast project and looking for free software to edit your audio clips? Want to offer your students the ability to add sound effects to other types of audio productions? Soundtrap might be of interest to you! The application is free, complete and entirely online. You are only one training session away from knowing how to use it... in a professional way!

Create melodies and moods in GarageBand for iPad

The GarageBand application for iPad allows you to create melodies, sounds and musical montages of all kinds. This tool can be easily used in many subjects, for example to create the soundtrack of a story in French, to compose a melody related to a historical period or even to write one's name! This training allows you to discover its pedagogical potential in order to engage students in a very creative process!

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