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Better organize in time, a mission for superheroes only?

While organizing your time is a mission and requires a great deal of discipline and discipline, there are technological tools, such as Oplan products, that make it easier. Beyond the tools, what are the tips and methods that could help your students (and yourself) approach the status of organizational superhero? Here are a few! // SPONSORED FEATURE
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Marie-Ève Raymond, Marketing Manager at Oplan and Marie-Josée Harnois and Martin Gagnon, Pedagogical Advisor at Service national du RÉCIT de l'inclusion et de l'adaptation scolaire


Saving the capital from a giant monster, building the ultimate weapon against his enemy while continuing to live his normal double life...but how do superheroes do it? It is thanks to their organization combined with good working methods! Good news! This skill is not just for superheroes and can help students at all grade levels! Althougha good organization of its time is a mission and requires a lot of rigor and discipline on a daily basis, there are technological tools, such as the Oplanthat make it easy for everyone. Beyond the tools, what are some tips and methods that could help your students (and yourself) get closer to being an organizational superhero? 

Analyze and visualize the mission to be accomplished

Like any good superhero, it is crucial to have a well thought-out and adapted game plan in order to reach the objective of your mission. Having effective work methods and using the right tools according to your needs are the key to success. When faced with a school task, it is difficult for some students to really understand and visualize the expectations of the task. A good trick is to break down the task into smaller chunks in order to understand and plan it. Like a superhero, this will force your student to choose the best option based on his or her strengths, to concretize the plan by detailing it and to visualize himself or herself accomplishing the task.

Get into action, plan in hand

Once our plan is ready, this is where the tools we give ourselves become very important. We have to equip ourselves and give ourselves the means to get started. This plan serves as a reference throughout the task and is modified as the educational adventure unfolds. After all, what could be more satisfying than a completed and well executed mission?

Learn from your mission

After a mission, it is important for a superhero to take stock. Did he give his best according to his abilities? Did he use effective strategies? Could they have used allies? Did a change in the plan help or could have helped him or her accomplish the task better? Could he or she save time the next time he or she is faced with a similar task? Looking back at the game plan allows the student to recognize good moves and mistakes. In addition, it facilitates awareness of their work while allowing them to learn so they can improve in the future. 


Although superheroes do extraordinary, supernatural things, they all have one common challenge: time management. With the right work methods, tools, and analytical skills, one mission at a time, they have improved and become super heroes. So why not you and your students too? Today, we propose a writing situation, how to prevent the next pandemic? 

To find out how the tools Oplan and Sequence can help you analyze your mission, plan it, follow it and improve it a little more each time, contact our team!

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