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(V24N1) Start your continuing education on the right foot

Flight. 24, no 1 - Fall 2021

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Word from the editor

Undertake your #DevProf

Engaging in a continuing education process is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Quebec. This is already the case in other corners of the world, notably in Ontario and France. Even though it can be easy to find reasons not to do it (lack of time, busy work schedule, etc.), it remains a habit to adopt in order, in the end, to save time, simplify your life and always better to stimulate student engagement. And then training, it doesn't have to be complicated! Indeed, the Education Act (LIP) recognizes several types of activities as part of professional development, such as reading specialized books (the magazine École branchée is part of it!), Participation in conventions and training organized internally and by external partners (such as our different CréaCamp formulas and the many events that punctuate the school year), professional learning communities, etc. There is something for everyone, in person or at a distance, live or delayed, to read or experience, at their own pace or guided by a facilitator ...

Because École branchée is naturally positioned as a partner of #devprof in education, we have made it the central theme of this issue. We hope that reading it will guide you in setting up your own training path this year by letting you know about various resources and ideas to tackle this now essential aspect of the profession.

Say Hello! to the English Schools Network
The start of the 2021 school year also marks the start of the publication of the English version of the École branchée magazine, called Engaged Learning. Subscribers of the digital format can find both versions in their customer area on our site, and it is also possible to obtain them in printed format. Two articles are exclusive to English: How to Knit: a Template for Digital Competency, by LEARN Quebec, and Beginners 101: How to confront and overcome the discomfort of starting something new, a collaboration with The Conversation.

Happy reading, and happy new year for professional development!

Audrey Miller

Martine Rioux
Editor in Chief

September 2021 - Vol. 24 no 1

Editorial staff
Myra Auvergnat-Ringuette, Marie-France Boulay, Jacques Cool, Laurie Couture, Tom Daccord, Maxime Laflamme, Audrey Lambert, Audrey Miller, Matt Miller, Maxime Pelchat, Marie-Claude Rancourt, Martine Rioux.

Audrey Miller

Editor in Chief
Martine Rioux

Director of Development
Stephanie Dionne

Linguistic revision
Josée Tardif

Review of proofs
Maryline Barrette-Dubé

Graphic editing
Marie-Michèle Bouchard-Roussin, Kate-Lyn Lapointe (EMBLÈME Communication)

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Legal deposit 3rd quarter 2021
National Library and Archives of Quebec Library and Archives Canada
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ISSN 2369-1662 (Digital format)

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In this issue - Fall 2021

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What do the professional development activities in which Quebec teachers take part look like?

A study carried out among 708 Quebec teachers aimed at compensating for the lack of information on the nature of the professional development (PD) activities in which they participate made it possible to draw some very interesting findings. This dossier summarizes them and allows us to take stock of the characteristics supported by research of so-called effective PD activities, in addition to learning about avenues of intervention to be considered to promote the participation of teachers in their continuous professional development.

An approach to effectively plan your professional development

Even within a united team, each teacher is unique, he has his own way of seeing his class and, above all, his way of dreaming it, of guiding it. To meet personal and professional aspirations, it may be important to stop, think, and take the time to “align your #devprof”.


L'École branchée

What forms of professional development should be promoted in your community?

The CADRE21 team has drawn up a professional development matrix that allows the different actors to draw up a variety of forms of support that respect the conditions and the organizational culture existing in their communities. This aspect appears vital: when it comes to professional development, the conditions of each environment will often dictate the level of individual or collective commitment. 

Chronicle - Come to think of it!

I'm still hesitant to say out loud what I'm about to tell you, but the 2020-2021 school year has been one of the best of my career. As uncertainty and frustration seemed to creep into every crack in my life, I decided to apply a very simple principle.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Edu GoPro / Spectrum


10 questions to ask yourself to improve your teaching

Sometimes it is necessary to stop and think more generally. This allows you to set and review your goals and plan more ambitiously what is possible to do in the middle of a school year. If you are ready to improve your teaching as part of such reflection, here are some questions to consider.

Professional development at the heart of Vanier high school's digital transformation

Vanier High School, located in an underprivileged area in Quebec City, has approximately 350 students. Yet, from the inside, there is nothing small or disadvantaged! And here's why. 

The Role of Managers in Professional Development - Turning Duty into Opportunity

The new school year offers a privileged opportunity for leaders to keep alive this posture of learner that we have all had to experience in spite of ourselves for over a year. How can a management act now, and how can it influence the continuation of this professional development process among its teachers?

One more step towards you - Guiding young people to the right services for them

As a school worker, you are in a position to spot young people who may have difficulties, but remain silent or hesitate to seek help. Here are some ideas offered by Tel-jeunes.

5 postures to favor for an active pedagogy

How to adopt a more active pedagogy which adapts well to distance thanks to digital tools? Here are 5 postures to favor and tools that can support you, in addition to training suggestions to better master them.

Shaping Professional Development Significantly Through Technology

How can we create effective professional development opportunities through technology? The co-founder of EdTechTeacher offers 5 characteristics drawn from their experience of the last 13 years. For him, the key to improving teaching is the mindset of educational staff; therefore, the primary focus of professional development should be the teacher's view of technology in student learning, not the technology itself.

In our favorites - Sites and apps to discover

Like every issue, here are our suggestions for websites and apps to check out!

[The final note] How education leaders can actually change the system, according to Michael Fullan

Why are some leaders successful and others not? This is the big question Ontario researcher Michael Fullan tries to answer in his work. And he has several answers! Here are a few from a recent conference for school administrators, which we attended.

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