LÜ reinvents physical activity with video games

SAGA presents LÜ, a new interactive play area with the ambition of revolutionizing physical activity by combining it with a natural ally for young people: video games.

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SAGA, a Quebec company in the field of augmented reality, presented LÜ, a new interactive play area with the ambition to revolutionize physical activity by pairing it with a natural ally for young people: video games.

Thanks to its technology, which combines augmented reality and Internet of Things technologies with human behavior, LÜ transforms gymnasiums into interactive playgrounds.

“Video games and physical activity are often opposed. We are therefore proud to present LÜ, a platform that combines physical activity and video game learning. This twinning opens the door to a new world of possibilities and allows our young people to discover the pleasure of physical activity, in a world that resembles them ”, underlines Vincent Routhier, president of SAGA and architect of the LÜ concept.

Thus, from May, schools, day camps, sports complexes, community centers and event organizations will be able to rent or buy LÜ on the website of the company and transform their recreational spaces into interactive play areas.

To see LÜ in action, watch the video.

LÜ is an intelligent space environment that understands and responds to player behaviors and interactions in real time. Thanks to the information transmitted by its 3D cameras installed on the ceiling, LÜ directs the playing areas by projecting various interactive elements on the walls, to which the players must react. Real-time synchronized lighting and sound systems provide an immersive experience for participants, making them feel like a character in the game they are playing.

To date, LÜ has developed around ten games and many more will be added to the offering over the coming months.

SAGA has also developed a partnership with the company Solotech which will be able to support LÜ development thanks to its network and expertise.

The Externat St-Jean Berchmans elementary and preschool in Quebec City was an essential strategic partner for LÜ's final development, welcoming the platform prototype from its inception.

“We are always looking for new ways to get our young people moving and to motivate them in the face of their school career. LÜ allowed us to do both. We could not help but open the doors of our gymnasium wide for the SAGA team to come and test and refine the platform, ”explains Alain Roy, General Manager of the Externship.

To learn more about LÜ, we invite you to visit the website at


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