Haylem launches a new version of Lexibar for people with reading and writing difficulties

Press Release - Haylem, a Quebec-based company specializing in the design and marketing of a technological learning tool, launches its latest version of the Lexibar software, the LP5X.

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Press Release - Haylem Inc, a Quebec-based company specializing in the design and marketing of a technological learning tool, launches its latest version of the Lexibarthe LP5X.

According to Statistics Canada, 3.2 % of Canadian children have a learning disability - that's one child per school bus. As a result, many people need a solution that will allow them to progress in their learning.
Our Lexibar used throughout the French-speaking world, was developed in Quebec. This specialized software allows people with a learning disability - dyslexia, dysorthographia and developmental language disorders - to develop their reading and writing skills. The software is user-friendly, fun and allows, among other things, people with a learning disability to develop their reading and writing skills, improve their academic results, foster their self-confidence and increase their autonomy: La réussite, un mot à la fois.

The software is the result of 5 years of research and development. It was designed in collaboration with speech-language pathologists, leading to the creation of a state-of-the-art specialized software that today helps thousands of people around the world increase their reading and writing skills despite their challenges in overcoming this invisible disability.

What distinguishes Lexibar from other technological aids is the efficiency of its phonetic predictor, an aid function with a precise algorithm that takes into account the phonetic confusions frequently found in dyslexic/dysorthographic people. In fact, if words are written "by sound", the phonetic predictor will propose the correctly spelled word in its prediction box.

In addition, recognizing the lack of resources in the current education system and taking advantage of the launch of the LP5X version of the software, Haylem has developed a commercial offer specific to educational institutions, in order to make this technological tool available to as many students, teachers and health professionals as possible in an institution. This new offer allows school service centers, schools and various institutions to make the software available on a large scale on all the computer stations of an institution.

Main new features developed in the LP5X version:

- Added a new simplified installation procedure on institutional workstations (GPO);
- Customizable cloud-based user profile that can be accessed from anywhere;
- Natural integration with LibreOffice Writer - software used in most educational institutions.

New commercial offer for institutions:

Haylem offers to the institutions an annual subscription allowing not only to equip all the workstations of a site, but also to benefit from a saving compared to the purchase of licenses. This offer aims to counter the lack of educational resources present in the school network that we are currently experiencing and to maximize investments for students in difficulty despite increasingly limited budgets.

In addition, Haylem offers quarterly or yearly subscriptions to individuals, children and adults living with reading and writing difficulties, in order to support them in reaching their full potential and thus achieving success.

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