Ontario College of Teachers welcomes longer teacher education program

The teacher education program in Ontario will be expanded.

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TORONTO, June 5, 2013 / CNW / - The Ontario College of Teachers, the self-regulatory body for the teaching profession in Ontario, is pleased to learn of the lengthening of the training program education in the province.

"A longer program means new teachers will spend more time in a professional and practical environment, and receive specialized training that reflects the diversity of Ontario learners," said CEO and Registrar of the Order, Michael Salvatori, EAO. "The interests of new teachers, their students and the public will thus be well served," he added.

The College has long been in favor of extending the program in order to devote more time to practical and compulsory activities, and to meet needs such as special education. In 2006, after having widely consulted the education sector, the Order published its report entitled Preparing teachers for tomorrow, which recommended extending the teacher training program.

More recently, the Order was the partner in discussions with the Ministry of Education regarding the framework for the program (duration, content and practicum). The requirements for the new program of study are expected to be found in College regulations made under the Ontario College of Teachers Act. The College is responsible for accrediting teacher education programs offered by faculties of education in Ontario.

"The accreditation process ensures that all elements of the new curriculum are part of every teacher education program," Salvatori said. “Since we are targeting September 2015 for the implementation of this change, we have time to work with suppliers to ensure that their programs meet the new requirements.

"It's a matter of quality and preparation for Ontario teachers who must deal with the new realities of the XXIe century, says Salvatori. This allows for a deeper and richer study of pedagogy, teaching methods such as classroom management and communications with parents, and a better understanding of the standards of practice and ethics of the teaching profession. ”

The mandate of the Ontario College of Teachers is to regulate the teaching profession in the public interest. It sets standards of practice and ethics, conducts disciplinary hearings and accredits professional training programs for its approximately 237,000 members working in publicly funded schools and institutions across the province. The College is the only self-regulatory body for the teaching profession in Canada.

SOURCE: Ontario College of Teachers

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