Reading for success: the day of reflection on reading

The Read for Success Day will mobilize the public and professionals from all sectors to deconstruct myths and stereotypes about the practice of reading.

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Although Quebec has a very dynamic book industry, it cannot yet claim an authentic reading culture.

More than 50 % of adult Quebecers cannot read a dense or long text that requires interpreting several pieces of information and giving it meaning *. This underdevelopment compromises the education, access to culture, health care and participation in the labor market for a large part of our fellow citizens, which has tragic consequences for our democratic institutions, our economy, public health, and so many others.

The book remains associated with a school chore, or the preserve of an elite. And according to a received idea, men are allergic to the pleasure of reading. 

The Read to Succeed Day will mobilize professionals from culture, the community sector, health and education networks, the business world - not to mention the general public - to deconstruct myths and stereotypes about the practice of reading. Workshops-meetings and round tables will examine the place of reading in our daily lives, in the light of our busy and connected society. 

The Day will end with a plenary session with the essayist and philosopher Normand Baillargeon followed by a performance of Queen KA, artist of spoken word (oral poetry), accompanied by the musician Stéphane Leclerc.

Our November 25, 2019, from 1 p.m., at the Grande Bibliothèque de BAnQ (475, boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal H2L 5C4), as part of the professional activities of the Montreal Book Fair.

The workshops and round tables of the Day will bring together:

  • Égide Royer, psychologist and academic success specialist
  • Eric Simard, bookseller-owner and president of the Association des libraires du Québec
  • Noemie Larouche, editor-in-chief of the magazine CURIUM
  • Melanie Jannard, author
  • Olivier Hamel, librarian "biblioboxer"
  • Nicholas aumai and Anne-Marie Fortin of Communication-Youth
  • Mathieu-Lauzon Dicso, Coordinator of the Imaginary Horizons Prize
  • Dominique lemieux, director of the House of Literature and of Quebec in full letters
  • Jonathan Belisle, founder of, co-founder of This Space, co-founder of the Ensemble Ensemble collective
  • Katy roy, "Librarian-writer"
  • Camillo Zacchia, psychologist
  • Véronique Fontaine, president of Éditions Fonfon
  • Clement Laberge, independent consultant - education, culture and technologies
  • Nathalie Lacelle, professor of media literacy (UQAM)
  • Nicolas langelier, journalist, author, editor (Atelier 10)

* According to the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, PIAAC, of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, in 2012 and 2015.

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