Three help functions offered free of charge for students with a learning disability

The Lexibar now offers three free help functions: spell predictor, text-to-speech and spell checker.

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Montreal, October 10, 2017 - Anxious to offer technological resources accessible to a greater number of students with a learning disability, since last June, the Lexibar team has offered three free help functions. Indeed, it is possible to use the spell predictor, the vocal synthesis as well as the free spelling checker. These help functions adequately meet the needs of a large number of users. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is download the software from the company's website, then, after the 30-day trial of the full version, you can continue to use the 3 free help functions.

New improved version

The brand new LP5 version offers several new features and improvements. You should know that the Lexibar is designed by the Quebec company Haylem Technologies and that it is constantly listening to ideas and comments submitted by stakeholders who use this technological tool on a daily basis. Among the many improvements made, we find the reading window adapted for dyslexia, a parameterization segmented by help function allowing to give access only to the help functions included in the intervention plan, the automatic management of the language in the level of reading texts, three different visuals to adapt to the needs of the student, an editing window allowing better integration with free word processing software and many other improvements!

To learn more about this new version, see the section Discover on the company's website to access new video tutorials as well as register for a free training session.


A free update for everyone

In addition to offering three free help functions, the company also offers all its customers who have already purchased a license to upgrade to the LP5 version completely free of charge. To protect yourself from this offer, all you have to do is download the software and activate it with your activation key. Meet at for more details.


About the Lexibar

The software publisher, Haylem Technologies, was founded in 2008. Five years of research and development have made it possible to develop the most efficient phonetic prediction algorithm for which the product is famous today. Launched in 2013, the very first version of Lexibar was very well received by schools and professionals, such as speech therapists and remedial teachers. It was in September 2016 that the company launched the beta version of the LP5, making it possible to make available an efficient and stable official version last June. The five help functions included in the software are as follows:

  • Phonetic word predictor
  • Spelling word predictor
  • Vocal synthesis
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Spelling checker


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