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Thing promised, thing due: here we are at our second "top" of applications or websites which have stood out and which facilitate teaching in the digital age, in particular thanks to their added educational value, their targeted feedback or their adapted interface. This time, it's time for languages.

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Something promised, something due: here we are at our second "top" of applications or websites that have stood out and that facilitate teaching in the digital age, in particular thanks to their added educational value, their targeted feedback and their adapted interface.

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This time, it's time for languages. Learning French or English has its share of challenges, but several digital tools are available to your students to allow them to progress and improve at the pace that suits them best. Here are 5 essentials that will help learners, in various ways, in the development of their language skills.

1- Antidote 10

The new version ofAntidote is even more powerful and efficient than its predecessors. With an addition of 1,000 words, 10,000 synonyms and 28,000 occurrences, Antidote 10 also offers a readability filter between 0 and 100 and highlights all the elements of the text (too long sentences, foreign words, dense paragraphs, etc.) which could improve this readability index. Antidote remains essential in the implementation of your students' texts: intelligent corrector, complete dictionaries and detailed language guides, all these resources can only facilitate the complex learning of French or English. Antidote, available in a bilingual version, then becomes a real teaching assistant by explaining each error detected and by providing avenues for correction. The ideal tool for getting quick feedback and allowing learners to progress at their own pace.

2- Speech therapist

Under its simplistic interface, Speech therapist hides a very effective and relevant tool with regard to the educational differentiation it offers. Indeed, this platform is used to create personalized dictations with which the teacher can assess the level of acquisition of the words under study at the desired time. The teacher will choose which dictations he wants to send and to which students he wants to submit them. There could therefore be, for example, 5 different dictations at the same time in a class of 25 pupils and thus adapt to the rhythm of each of the targeted learners. The beauty of this service is that all dictations correct themselves. In addition, the feedback is instantaneous and therefore allows the learner to have quick access to explanations concerning his errors. The teacher and the student will also be able to consult a dashboard where the progress of the learners will be compiled, in a very detailed way. For example, you will have access to success levels for noun or verb chords, homophones, customary spelling, etc. This is a tool that deserves to be known and which can be used as much by the teacher as by the students among themselves by maximizing autonomy and collaboration.

3- Aidodys

Aidodys comes in 2 main forms: a free extension for Chrome or Firefox and a mobile or web application. However, its main function remains the same: to improve the readability of texts for people with dyslexia or those with visual impairments. Aidodys therefore allows you to change the font of a text, increase its size and even modify the spaces between words or letters. We can also differentiate lines by using various colors, breaking words into syllables or highlighting phonemes. All of this is done very easily and can be turned on or off with one click. Your students will appreciate the adaptation and differentiation that Aidodys allows in their reading skills. They will be able to progress more quickly and will be less easily discouraged in front of long texts.

4- Rally-Reading

The platform Reading rally offers teachers the opportunity to organize reading competitions and thus promote the pleasure of reading among students. More than 12,000 questionnaires and as many book titles are available to create your own reading rallies, adapted to the level and skills of your students. After selecting the albums or novels in the order you want them to be read, all you have to do is create a class account so that each student receives his password and thus has access to the library you offer him. Students will be able to connect from a tablet or computer, at school or at home, and start their rally at the chosen time. Each book read will give access to a questionnaire and will thus validate the reader's understanding. In this way, the students will accumulate points and you will be able to distribute badges to them according to their engagement. Another interesting option is to take into account the difficulty of a book in the allocation of points. A book that is harder to understand and takes longer to read will give more points than one that is less voluminous. The teacher may also require a minimum mark on the questionnaire for it to be validated and will give his students the opportunity to consult their errors in order to try to understand them. In short, a complete, turnkey tool that will introduce your students to reading in a new light.

5- Lalilo

Web application Lalilointended for children between 5 and 7 years old, stands out for its ability to adapt to the pace of the learner. Indeed, this digital tool advances in harmony with each student and responds to specific targeted needs thanks to artificial intelligence. Each course will then adapt to the strengths and challenges of the child by emphasizing differentiated, individualized and autonomous teaching. Real teaching assistant, Lalilo allows personalized learning to read through fun exercises and gives kindergarten and cycle one teachers a powerful ally who will facilitate the development of literacy skills. Lalilo also provides teachers with individualized student progress by detailing which specific components have been successful and which will need to be reviewed in more depth. A section dedicated to parents is also available to give them the opportunity to realize how far their children have come.


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