Podcasts, podcasts, podcasting: the art of never wasting your time again

My enthusiasm for podcasting is proportional to the quality offer which continues to grow and diversify. There is a real boom in the world of podcasting at the moment and I see that the education community is doing very well with excellent content, each more relevant than the last. 

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updated on October 8, 2020

For over a year, my interest in podcasting has grown significantly. I have the impression that my enthusiasm is proportional to the quality offer which is constantly growing and diversifying. There is therefore a real boom in the universe of podcast currently and I see that the education community, to my great happiness, is doing very well with excellent content, each more relevant than the last. 

Moreover, you will find at the end of this article several of my favorites which will certainly help you to continue your professional development. Tell yourself that in addition to helping your posture as a learner, podcasts have the quality of making any task productive. Suddenly, time spent in the car, at the gym or doing housework is maximized thanks to your headphones and your favorite educational actors.

Podcasting: for whom and why?

From the outset, I would briefly define the concept of podcasting as a simple way to play an audio recording, to listen to on a smartphone, iPod, tablet or computer. Several platforms and applications (to be read in the next section) therefore allow continuous listening, thanks to an RSS data feed that automatically updates your favorite podcast. It is also possible to download the content directly to your device and thus enjoy it without an Internet connection (very practical by plane or in the middle of a dense forest!).

Its accessibility and simplicity make the podcast a medium that can be listened to by anyone, anywhere, in addition to being relatively easy to create by everyone. So, no need for advanced radio or techno skills to produce good quality content. In this regard, if you are interested in creation mode, I invite you to consult the book of Web teacher that demystifies podcasting by providing all of its top tips and tricks for effective design.

How to listen to your favorite podcasts?

The first platform that comes to mind when it comes time to listen to my favorite podcasts is Soundcloud (Web or in application). It remains the essential to have access to an impressive amount of content. Easy to use, just do a keyword search to access hours and hours of quality podcasts.

Android and iOS also have their own podcast apps. Podcasts is a native application in the iPhone, while Google play music is accessible directly on Android devices. Otherwise there is Castbox (iOS and Android), Overcast (iOS), Stitcher (iOS and Android) and PlayerFM (iOS and Android).

Some essentials

Podcasts, there is something for everyone: politics, arts, humor, health, news, sports and many more. You just have to think of a subject that fascinates you and there is sure to be a podcast that talks about it. For me, what particularly excites me is education. Several specialists from the French-speaking educational community (teachers, managers, educational advisers, researchers) also have a lot of content to offer in the form of podcasts.

I therefore offer you a few that could, like me, inspire you in your daily life:

  • What will Sarah be? : offer yourself the perspectives of a new teacher. Follow her in her discovery of teaching and listen to her personal reflections and authentic conversations with a variety of experts, passionate educators and lifelong learners;
  • Teacher's shoes with Eryka Desrosiers : Embark on this journey to become a better, more innovative teacher through weekly interviews with leaders, teachers, students and entrepreneurs, in English and French;
  • All the class : three education professionals in Ontario, Jen, Milène and Vicky discuss specific themes such as assessment, technology, well-being and many other subjects;
  • Inspire Leadership : conversations with leaders to inspire us to influence, have an impact, and take action. Inspire Leadership was created by Joël McLean. He discusses leadership styles, the development of global skills and independent learning;
  • Teachers podcast : a democratic project to make you understand what the world of education is, but also a means of sharing their experiences and knowledge. This podcast is for all those who may be interested in or wondering about the world of education;
  • Awesome this teacher! : intended for all those who wish to optimize their oral interventions in front of a class and, in general, their image or their impact with an audience;
  • Web teacher : four podcasts as different as they are interesting. Various subjects such as happiness, technology, personal development, the Apple company, etc .;
  • École branchée educational meetings : videos and podcasts that aim to highlight teachers, educational advisers, management staff, professionals and other innovative players. You will discover their background, their projects, their advice and their ideals. These authentic interviews will certainly offer you something to draw inspiration from;
  • Flea in the ear : podcast for elementary and secondary school students that popularizes and democratizes a host of subjects relating to society, the arts, culture, science, history and technology.

Other bulk podcasts: 

(Special thanks to Maxime Pelchat for his contribution to the list via the FB group ICT in education.)

To try in class

I invite you, in closing, to try the creation of podcasts with your students. Directly linked to the new digital skills of the MÉES, the production of digital content such as podcasting is an excellent way to make young people communicate, in addition to promoting openness to the world. I suggest the creation platforms Anchor or Garageband to try the experiment.


Inquire about SCOOP educational guides! which feature several podcast creation activities, allowing students to discuss current affairs while developing disciplinary and digital skills.

Learn more about Garageband.

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